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  1. kribensis12

    Peoria, IL - Looking for...

    Hello, I am in the Peoria, IL area and I am looking for a few angelfish and a female blue ram (or albino). Does anyone have some they'd be willing to sell, or know of a breeder in the area?
  2. kribensis12

    Softening Water

    Hello, I have not been on this forum in YEARS. Married, 2 kiddos, working full time - makes it time to work on the hobby. I've scaled down significantly and I am taking a large step I'd love some help with. Our water is EXTREMELY hard - high pH (8.6) and the water hardness does not even...
  3. kribensis12

    Plant Food

    I'm fairly new to planted tanks, but not to the aquarium trade. I've tried many times over the years to successfully keep plants and they've died every time. Looking back it was a culmination of poor lighting, poor plant choice and overall inexperience. That being said, I have kept an aquarium...
  4. kribensis12

    Kribensis Breeding Problems

    I've got a breeding pair of Kribensis Cichlids. The problem is this: they breed, they take excellent care of their eggs, excellent care of their wrigglers - yet their wrigglers die every time. I know what you're thinking - they are eating them. Unfortunately the solution does not appear to be...
  5. kribensis12


    I haven't been on in a while. I just visited today to see what was going on with the forum. I'm not here to point fingers or blame anything on anyone - I just have a few things to say. -I can't believe the forum was sold. You can't sell people. You can't sell friendships. You can't sell freely...
  6. kribensis12


    So I was thinking. What if we had all of our fish profiles and all useful stickies ect. put into a free iBook for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac? They are fairly simple to make and get approved quickly through Apple. To give credit to whomever the information came from, we can say "posted by...
  7. kribensis12

    Female Apistogramma Cacatuoides

    I am looking for a female apistogramma cacatuoides. My WC male lost his mate about a month ago and I can't find a shop carrying them in a 100 mile radius.
  8. kribensis12


    I picked a starter culture of Daphnia up at a local auction today. I am heading to college tomorrow and thought it would be a good source of live food for my F1 fry. I've never been able to keep Daphnia before (only tried once, failed miserably) and I am looking for advice. I have them in a 1...
  9. kribensis12

    Algae Issues

    So, I don't normally post on this forum for actual advice but I can't think of any good way to get rid of this algae. I have (2) 10g tanks. One with WC Apistogramma Cacatuodies fry and the other with more fry and the parents. The one with just fry probably has about 15 in it, and they are about...
  10. kribensis12

    Wild Caught Apistogramma Cacatuoides

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd share this with you. I am getting some WC Apistogramma Cacatuoides tomorrow! Tolak is shipping 6 over here with a albino birstlenose (dwarf). Now here is the tank set up (please read carefully). I have a 10g tank being filtered and heated and receiving weekly...
  11. kribensis12

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I for one am grateful for all of the wonderful things the Lord has blessed me with this past year! I know not everyone celebrates this (considering the forum is UK based) but I still wish everyone the very best!
  12. kribensis12

    It's Been A While

    So, some of the newer members on here may not remember me, I all but left the forum after selling all of my fish possessions in June (my usage has died down for other reasons as well), as I am in college now. Well as fate would have it, I have fish again. The maximum size we can have is 10g, so...
  13. kribensis12

    Can Anyone Id This?

    So, I am at College in Huntington, Indiana and we went on a hike through some woods and found a few waterfalls. I managed to catch a little frog, probably about the size of a quarter, in a little stream so I brought him back, threw him in a big container with rocks and a filter as my dorm pet...
  14. kribensis12


    So, once getting to College I have realized that a lot of people blog. So I joined the band wagon and made one. Here is a link to it: Does anyone else blog? What are your thoughts on it?
  15. kribensis12

    Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X AWESOME!
  16. kribensis12

    Fluval U4

    I bought a Fluval U4 yesterday. It was a hurried buy so I didn't have time to research it. I know Fluval's are known for their high quality filters. So I'm assuming that this is true for this specific filter? Anyone have experience with it? It seems to be working well at the moment.
  17. kribensis12

    I Feel Like A Genius

    So, I have a 47 gallon tank with 3 Leleupi cichlids in it. The male has constantly been harassing the females. I can't separate them as they won't agree with other tank stockings. So, I was trying to figure out a way to make more floor space one the tank. THEN... I thought, why not suspend...
  18. kribensis12

    German Blue Ram

    So, I picked up a female German Blue Ram from Petsmart today (they have recently started carrying harder to find cichlids). I have a high pH. They have a high pH. So, I am assuming that she should be fine. They said the pH they come in is similar to what mine is, so it's not like she came from...
  19. kribensis12


    At a local fish auction, I bought 3 Leleupi for 17 bucks (good deal). I believe that I have one male and two females due to size and color. I will post a video later. Does anyone have any helpful hints on keeping and breeding these guys? I would sure appreciate it.
  20. kribensis12

    Say What?

    So, I have never purchased a Canister Filter due to their high price. The thing is, I really need one for my 47g tank. Well, I was searching and I found one that apparently has a built in UV sterilizer.... for..... 23 dollars. Now, that is soo cheap. Here is the link...