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  1. Doomchibi

    Rainbowfish with Spotted Pictus? Please!

    Looking at more than one website I have seen a wide range of temperatures suggested for either species, the average that I have found by looking at different sources is what I listed in my post. It may not be exact but honestly I don't believe any one website will likely know for sure, either...
  2. Doomchibi

    Rainbowfish with Spotted Pictus? Please!

    I have asked this question many times over the past maybe 5 years of my serious interest in fishkeeping. I have not once gotten more than a half-hearted "I guess." as a response. PLEASE! If anyone has any possible answer, experience, or knows of anyone who might I would very, very much...
  3. Doomchibi

    Moving.. Should I Drive With Or Ship My Fish?

    I wasn't going to put them in the trunk, probably the back seat of the car. I was thinking maybe I would line the styrofoam with a plastic bag and make a hole in the lid to thread the airline tubing for the airstone through and then just keep it closed so it's dark, stays warm and they get air...
  4. Doomchibi

    Moving.. Should I Drive With Or Ship My Fish?

    I'm going to be moving and I want to avoid rehoming my fish if at all possible. I am moving in with someone that is a 12, possible 13 hour drive away by car and I can't decide if it would be safer to ship my fish or drive with them. If I drove with them, I could use portable airstones (the type...
  5. Doomchibi

    Cycling New Tank, Putting The Media In An Established One..?

    Today I set up a 10 gallon tank that I want to move my growing molly fry into so I can get them out of the breeder nets I have been keeping them in, in the parent's tank. I took the new cartridge that I plan to use in this HOB filter and stuck it in the back of the filter on the established...
  6. Doomchibi

    Cremesicle Mollies Looked "dirty", Now Are Losing Color?

    Nic1, I keep my tank almost at 80 degrees, which is what my heater maintains if I try to adjust the temperature. It either lets the water be 73 or 80 degrees because my last heater I was using I have learned has an exploding problem so I stopped using it. I can't make the water warmer but I have...
  7. Doomchibi

    Cremesicle Mollies Looked "dirty", Now Are Losing Color?

    The thing is that the specks are completely gone today. They didn't look fluffy or anything like that, they looked like tiny little specks smaller than a grain of table salt but they were brown in color, and they were scattered around just kind of sitting on it as if it had been rolled in dirt...
  8. Doomchibi

    Cremesicle Mollies Looked "dirty", Now Are Losing Color?

    I have a 55 gallon brackish tank that currently has 4 adult mollies (1M:3F), a dragon goby, 3 baby columbian shark catfish and a bunch of molly fry in breeder nets. About two days ago I was looking at them and I noticed one of my cremesicle mollies had what looked like dust or very fine dirt on...
  9. Doomchibi

    Could One Of These Have Eaten My Platy?

    Thank you all for the responses. I still haven't seen it today so I am pretty sure at this point that it is long gone. I would have thought it was the knife as well at first but the thing is that one of the foods I give are shrimp pellets which are not that big at all, and my ctenopoma chokes on...
  10. Doomchibi

    Could One Of These Have Eaten My Platy?

    I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank with fish including a 3.5" leopard ctenopoma, 3" african featherfin catfish and an approximately 4.5" african brown knifefish. I had a single adult platy that was in the tank as well, because it was a survivor from a columnaris infected tank a while back and I...
  11. Doomchibi

    55 Gallon Stocking Help

    You should up the corydoras to a school of 6 is possible, they like bigger groups.
  12. Doomchibi

    Bored Green Spotted Puffer

    Well, I have always heard that puffers in general are very intelligent (for fish anyways) and the only thing i've heard this called is "boredom". I suppose i'll just keep planning on redoing the decor of the tank and getting some mangroves for it and hope he stops going up and down on the wall...
  13. Doomchibi

    75, 55, 10 Story (Picture Loaded)

    That second tank with the tea-water.. Did you not soak your driftwood before using it? Honestly, you should take it out, soak it some more in a bucket or in a bathtub with hot water until the water stops darkening, and do water changes to get the dark water out of your tank..  How long has the...
  14. Doomchibi

    Baby Albino Bichir Not Growing And Inactive?

    I am very sad to say, but my baby senegal unexpectedly died this evening. It seems my heater is not working correctly and so the water is colder than I normally keep it, but I am really not sure if that contributed.. I'm sure it certainly didn't help. My other fish are still doing well and I re...
  15. Doomchibi

    Newbie Stocking 120L Fw Tank

    I took a look at that website, and just so you know- you should try to avoid those "starter packs", if you saw them. I saw quite a few of them that had schooling fish being included in them by themselves or only in pairs, and one even threw in Bala Sharks (grow over 12", or 30 cm) with small...
  16. Doomchibi

    Rainbow Fish

    It seems that they aren't likely to spawn if you don't have moss or other suitable "nesting" areas for them. If you look up "Boesemani Breeding" and avoid some of the setups they mention, I don't think they will spawn. I may be wrong though, so hopefully someone with a better idea will say...
  17. Doomchibi

    Figure Eight Tank Set Up

    Maybe add a few smaller round rocks and strategically place them around the tank? I think some darker colored ones would look nice against the sand.
  18. Doomchibi

    Baby Albino Bichir Not Growing And Inactive?

    I thought he might be blind but his eyes look normal.. for an albino. They're a perfect clear red, would I be able to tell if he actually was blind? Ninjou, I feed mysis shrimp, bloodworms, brine shrimp, tropical flakes, tetra veggie wafers, the occasional crushed and shelled pea, and shrimp...
  19. Doomchibi

    Baby Albino Bichir Not Growing And Inactive?

    About 2 1/2 months ago I brought home a baby Palmas bichir and albino Senegal bichir. I originally had them in a 20 long while I finished cycling my 75 gallon tank, and then moved them over along with my other fish (in my signature). Since they have been in the 75 gallon, my Palmas bichir has...
  20. Doomchibi

    Stocking Ideas / Opinions And Suggestions?

    Bah.... The one thing I didn't notice about the rosy barbs is that they prefer colder water and the warmer water my other fish want would stress them out. Since the weather loaches don't do as well in warm water either, i'm going to hold off on those two.. Which pretty much brings me back to...