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  1. Rex740

    Apisto Id

    These were sold to my friend as iniradae which I know they are not. It looks like a caucatoides shape but the full grown adults don't have much color at all. Is it a poor quality caucatoides or something else? Sorry for quality.
  2. Rex740

    Exact Name

    I have been breeding these killifish for quite a bit and have been sold to me as Fp. Gardneri Lafia Gold. Recently I have seen the same fish but with a different name, Fp. Nigerianus Misaje Gold. I've heard the names are either or but I just want a definite name for my breeders, what are they?
  3. Rex740

    Fish Jumped Out

    Yesterday I added a reverse trio of guppies to a 10 gallon (no lid) and left right after. I came back a few hours later and noticed the large female was missing. After searching in the tank, I moved a water vac on the floor and founder her partially dried up. I picked up the limp body and threw...
  4. Rex740

    Fish Up For Sale

    I sell fish and ship across all of the U.S. Here is a list of some of the fish I am selling, shipping is usually around $15. Send me a message if you are interested. -Fundulus chrysotus -Blue-fin killifish -Least livebearer (heterandria formosa) -Eastern mosquito fish -Salvini -Mayan cichlids...
  5. Rex740

    Which Walkeri Strain?

    I just bought a pair of Walkeri and after looking them up online, I can't seem to find the exact one I have. Anyone know the strain/locale of this one?
  6. Rex740

    Blue Paint On Aquariums?

    Hey, I came back with my fish club in receiving some fish tanks from a man that passed away and I took one of his 10 gallon tanks. I noticed that this 10 gallon and a few of the other aquariums have blue painted on the bottom. What is the purpose of this? I'd rather have a plain bottom.
  7. Rex740

    Killifish Id

    A variation of Aphyosemion? I must have it.
  8. Rex740

    Venting Cichlids

    I'm having trouble venting 6 African Jewelfish. Anyone know what this is? Both pictures are the same fish.
  9. Rex740

    Sexing Jewels

    How do you sex jewel cichlids?
  10. Rex740

    Sexing Mayans

    How do you sex Mayan cichlids?
  11. Rex740

    Gardneri Spawning Trouble

    I have a pair of Gardneri in my 48 gallon and I had put in a floating spawning mop a week ago. I checked after a week and there are no eggs on it. When I first got the pair months ago they were breeding non stop for a few days (Didn't have mop that time) then stopped. I do not see them actively...
  12. Rex740

    Freezing Larvae

    I just harvested a large amount of mosquito larvae and fed some to my fish and I have heard I can freeze the rest. How would I go about doing that?
  13. Rex740

    No Ammonia Or Nitrite?

    I just started cycling a 3 gallon yesterday with 2 mosquito fish and a small snail and today I checked the parameters and there is no nitrite or ammonia and the pH is 7.4ish. Why isn't the ammonia or nitrite existant? Just noticed particulates floating around in the ammonia test tube. What is that?
  14. Rex740

    Snail Id

    Caught this is my lake. I know no one will know the exact species but I need something general, just to make sure this guy doesn't reproduce asexually in my tank.
  15. Rex740

    Gar Id

    Caught this in my lake with a dipnet, a rare find when using one. I am assuming this is a species of gar, but what species? It's around 2 inches long.
  16. Rex740

    Java Moss Infusoria

    I am going to add Java Moss to a fry tank of mine and mostly need it for Infusoria. I have had a container with water and Java moss in it (that's all) in a dark place with no light for the past month or two. Are there infusoria on that or do I need fresh java moss?
  17. Rex740

    My First Cycle

    I have been fishkeeping for 5-6 years but I have never cycled before as when I started I inherited my dad's already established tanks. I now got a 3 Gallon Tetra Aquarium kit and am a little scared. Just need some guidance as I go through this, guess it will be like a journal. First, I should be...
  18. Rex740

    Selling Killies To Stores

    I am going to start breeding Fp. Lafia Gold soon and I am wondering, does anyone know around how much a store would pay for them?
  19. Rex740

    Will This Filter Suck Up Fry?

    Will this filter suck up killifish fry?
  20. Rex740

    My New Gardneri Spawning

    I was trying to get some pictures of my new pair of Gardneri that I bought 2 days ago (first time with killies) and after 5 minutes the male tried to spawn. Unfortunately, my camera was in a very high ISO mode as I was trying to take pictures of fast fish. I was afraid they might stop any second...