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  1. This Old Spouse

    Platy Preggers Permanently?

    I do indeed have fry; probably a couple dozen from what I can tell, and they all seem to be doing well. The last few that popped out of momma don't seem to have survived, which is no surprise. My concern now is the adult male, who seems to be going a little crazy in there all by himself...
  2. This Old Spouse

    Platy Preggers Permanently?

    Poor Momma passed away this afternoon. Stress or whatever was just too much for her. I'm angry because she was a real beauty and very interactive. And now the male is zooming all over the tank. Sigh.
  3. This Old Spouse

    Platy Preggers Permanently?

    I netted her and gave a little squeeze, and out popped about half a dozen fry. I'm going to see how she is in the morning.
  4. This Old Spouse

    Platy Preggers Permanently?

    I have a platy that I got on March 9th, already quite pregnant. She finally started dropping fry about 2 weeks ago and I probably have a couple dozen fry of various ages. She's still massively pregnant and squared off, and as of the past few days is just lying on the bottom of the tank and has...
  5. This Old Spouse

    Preg Platy

    Congrats, Kelliet! I'm still patiently waiting. 
  6. This Old Spouse

    Post Your Favorite Fish Picture!

    Not necessarily great shots, but I like them.   Here's my ambiacus.     One of my RCS giving the assassin the spa treatment.     One of my longfin black skirt tetras. I really like these fish because I think they're as pretty as angels but not nearly as much hassle.     I am just amazed at...
  7. This Old Spouse

    Platy Burst Open! Extreme!

    Could she have been attacked by the molly?
  8. This Old Spouse

    First Time Platy Grandma

    Hey, frapadoodle! I've been culling my tanks and trying to decide whether I want to keep at it. Guess I'll see where this leads me. And thanks, looking-glass. I figured it wouldn't be long, but I'm just surprised her birthing tube has been so visible without her squaring off. Guess I'll just...
  9. This Old Spouse

    Best Water Conditioner?

    +1    Shouldn't make a difference to them.
  10. This Old Spouse

    Best Water Conditioner?

    Seachem Prime is the best all-around water stabilizer and used by most of us who have been doing this a while.
  11. This Old Spouse

    Cherry Shrimp

    If you make sure to provide thick cover for the shrimp I'd think they'd survive. I have RCS in my 55g with tiger barbs, several different tetras, 2 flying fox and all sorts of corydoras. The RCS hide out in the denser foliage and generally only come out at night. Often I'll see them when I first...
  12. This Old Spouse

    First Time Platy Grandma

    Just got started with platys (what else would I do with an empty 20g?) and I got a very pregger female and a small male. I think she's what's called a Mickey Mouse, and he's a speckled blue. Anyway, I've been out of the livebearer game for a couple of years and need a little help trying to...
  13. This Old Spouse

    Red Cherries Strange Behaviour

    Mine do that quite often. Can't tell if it's feeding on a magical morsel caught in there or if they're breeding. Either way I don't think there should be any concern. Also, I generally find several when I clean out my filter. Babies get sucked up and then have a smorgasbord in the canister...
  14. This Old Spouse

    Super Aggressive Molly?

    I had a molly who killed anything he could. I got six of them at the LFS and he'd killed two of them by the time I got them home. I eventually had to destroy him. It was awful. I'll never have them again!
  15. This Old Spouse

    Preg Platy

    If there is a sticky somewhere, could you direct ME to it? I just acquired a very preggers platy and one small male. I've never had platys before and think she's due to pop any time, but it's been a couple years since I've had guppies so I don't quite remember the drill. 
  16. This Old Spouse

    200L Tiger Barb Tank

    How about getting some assassin snails instead of using chemicals? I've had them for years. They keep the common snail population down, and they're quite attractive and fun to watch.
  17. This Old Spouse

    Woosh ! (3½ Hour Make Over)

    Very nice! One suggestion ... the flat rocks in the front look a bit too placed and not random. Other than that (IMHO) it looks terrific. 
  18. This Old Spouse

    Puffer And Oscars And Flying Fox (Oh, My ...)

    I have a flying fox that I'm trying to rehome. I have an interested party who currently has a puffer and 2 oscars in a 55g. Is this disaster waiting to happen or should I hold off for another taker?
  19. This Old Spouse

    110 Gallon South American Biotope

    Well, that's a rotten bit of news. So sorry you've got a case of deja vu with this tank. My 20g kills trillis and julii, but no other cats. I just need to stop trying those in that tank. All the rest seem to be fine. I hope you can find some success with a breed you like. I'll be interested to...
  20. This Old Spouse

    Need Some Movement At The Bottom Of My Tank.

    Your tank is really too small for kuhli loaches I'd think. I'd opt for more of the same cory.