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  1. Mikaila31

    An Update And Goodbye For Awhile

    Well its been quite while so I figured I would make an update. There is lots of stuff to catch up on. My two main tanks after I moved them awhile back. My ever present rainbows being sexy like they do best. Some new arrivals are my dwarf gouramis I got less then two months ago. Set...
  2. Mikaila31

    Planted Tanks, Fish, And Caecilian

    Just some pictures of my tanks and fishies of late. I have to move them all in 1-2 months, oh the joy lol... at least I can get more fish after that :rolleyes: . 55 gallon garra flavatra Adult male caecilian, very much asleep. Boesemani rainbows. Male bottom and female top Female...
  3. Mikaila31

    Caterpillars Hatched Finally!

    For those that don't remember I raise moths and butterflies in the summer. My cecropia moth caterpillars finally started hatching last night so I decided I would make a thread. I am pretty sure all the adult moths are done emerging from their cocoons. The last male moth died yesterday. So now...
  4. Mikaila31

    Who Loves Id Threads!?

    Went on a walk last week and found two minnows stuck in a tiny puddle no where near a pond or lake of any kind. I assume they got washed down from somewhere during a rainy week we had. Figured they had a few days before they would be high and dry. So I caught them and honestly didn't expect them...
  5. Mikaila31

    Plants: Crypts, Vals, And Stuff

    Stem plants- sold in a bunch of 6-8 stems at least 6" long Brazilian Pennywort (Hydrocotyle leucocephala)- $2 - grown floating * if anyone is interested in a LOT of pennywort in its emersed form I have a bunch super cheap.* Subwassertang- $5 for a good sized handful Crypts- plants have at...
  6. Mikaila31

    Long Exposure Project

    I decided to do a photography project for my final honors class. I tossed around ideas with my advisor for awhile before eventually settling on long exposure. I knew from the start I would focus on water as this has and always will be my favorite subject. I intent to do some moving light shots...
  7. Mikaila31

    55 Gallon Planted Community

    Got bored last weekend and decided to shoot this video. Its a bit hard getting good footage under the moonlights, but I think it turned out pretty well. I need to catch 6 more young swordtails to add to the tank. I still might add another group of fish. I haven't really decided yet...
  8. Mikaila31

    Cheap Diy Light Build/retrofit

    This thread is focused on building a DIY light from scratch or retrofitting an existing fixture. A few methods I use may be uncommon and still somewhat unproven. The point of this build was to get the most light for the cheapest cost, but with maintaining good efficiency. Though with any DIY I...
  9. Mikaila31

    Camallanus Worms

    Well sadly I suddenly lost a very nice angelfish to this intestinal parasite last night. I've had this fish for about a month and it behaved just fine the entire time. It was locally bred so unfortunately escaped quarantine as this is the first time I have ever had a problem with a club fish. It...
  10. Mikaila31

    Problem In Mature Filterless Tank

    So the problem is for the last 1-2 months there has been an unmanageable amount of mulm building up in my 15 gallon filterless tank. This tank isn't normally crystal clear, but its pretty close to it. I can siphon a bunch of it up and do a 50% water change and have it already building up 24...
  11. Mikaila31

    Found A Kitty

    My roommate found a lost kitty outside our apartment door last night. So far no idea where he came from. He's clearly been well cared for and is litter box trained. I don't think he is any more then a year old given his energy levels. He is cute but crazy.
  12. Mikaila31

    I Feel Terrible

    My female caecilian has died :-( . She escaped the tank and was found too late. After having her for five years I feel terrible that she died in such a way. I'm so depressed seeing the remaining male all alone.
  13. Mikaila31

    Recent Photography

    Some photos I have took in the last month or so. My cameras a Panasonic FZ-28. Been itching to get some macro lenses and a few filters for it, but alas tuition is due soon :sad:.
  14. Mikaila31

    New Khuli Loaches And Tankmates

    Got 3 young khuli loaches on Wednesday. All are about 2 inches long and need to put some weight on. So far they have been a lot bolder then I thought they would. Took them a few days to get use to the cherry shrimp though. They seem to like the el natural tank.
  15. Mikaila31

    20 Gallon Redo. When Soil Meets Hi-Tech

    I've recently moved to an apartment and am still in the process of moving all my tanks over. Kinda been procrastinating since its so hot outside. Decided to move my 20 gallon this week though. Since I need to tear it down I am completely redoing the tank. It will be my second soil based tank and...
  16. Mikaila31

    Ameca Splendeds- Nippy?

    I picked up an adult male and 2 juvies at an auction recently. So far they are doing good, but is it normal for them to be so nippy? I already moved the two juvies from my 55gallon to a 20 gallon full of endlers because they were doing a number on my boesemani rainbows tails. I'm close to moving...
  17. Mikaila31

    My Attempt (So Far) At El Natural Or Something Similar

    So the following is my first attempt at a low tech/low cost El Natural style tank. The goal from the begining was to make a very lush densely planted tank. This tank was filled for the first time on November 7th so it has been running for half a year already... The basic break down: 15...
  18. Mikaila31

    Update With Some Pics

    Figured I would make an update since I was taking pictures recently. I have an auction to on the 30th where I will be selling a number of my fish. I have an apartment in the works and will hopefully be moving as soon as the semester is over. I intend to take all my tanks with, but in stages. The...
  19. Mikaila31

    Planted Tanks Update

    Tanks are all progressing smoothly. Wish I could give them some more time and get them all completely sorted out. There are little issues with all of them. Changed the bulbs on the 55 gallon about a week ago and of course now I have a slight algae problem. I guess that was to be expected though...
  20. Mikaila31

    Bath Time And Wires :3

    Kitties got a bath yesterday and are all super clean and smell like flowers, to their great displeasure. I was parting out our old broken 52" TV today and I saved myself enough wires for years along with a few other bits. These are the fanciest wires ever too. Cally is my super reliable...