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  1. nmonks

    Toxotes Blythii

    Here's something you don't see every day! Toxotes blythii is a species of freshwater archerfish confined to a limited area in Burma. They are hardly ever traded. These specimens at Wildwoods are the first ones I've ever seen in the UK. They're stunning fish -- my photos don't really do them...
  2. nmonks

    Minnesota Aquarium Society (Jan 8Th And 9Th)

    Folks, if anyone is interested in attending these talks, details are on the MAS page, here: The Thursday talk is about gobies, both marine and freshwater, and focuses on their biology, adaptations, diversity, and what makes them worthwhile aquarium fish. The second is...
  3. nmonks

    Funky Livebearers At Wildwoods

    Visited yesterday. Lots of good stuff. Girardinus, Alfaro, Ilyodon whitei, two species of Xenotoca, Ameca splendens, Xiphophorus multilineatus, Priapella chamulae, Endlers, liberty mollies, Limia nigrofasciata, dwarf mosquitofish (in the coldwater section). Recently had some Micropoecilia picta...
  4. nmonks

    I'm Giving A Talk In Cincinnati, August 30th

    There's a calendar item up with the details. It's courtesy of the Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society, to whom I'm grateful for flying me out. Covering lots of different aspects of the hobby. If you're in the area, you might want to stop by. Cheers, Neale
  5. nmonks

    Ctenolucius Hujeta

    Common names: Gar Characin, Hujeta Gar, Freshwater Barracuda Scientific name: Ctenolucius hujeta Family: Ctenoluciidae Origin: South America; Colombia and Venezuela Maximum size: Up to 22 cm; 15-20 cm typical for aquarium specimens Maintenance: This species is notoriously sensitive to its...
  6. nmonks

    Free Bucketload Of Vallisneria

    I've pulled up all the large Vallisneria plants from my catfish tank. They pretty well fill a 5 gallon bucket. Right now they're sitting in the bucket, but they'll go on the compost heap unless anyone wants them. Send a personal message if you're interested. Cheers, Neale
  7. nmonks

    Irrubesco Puffer

    Common name: None commonly used; usually just "irrubesco puffer", though "red-tailed red-eye puffer" may be seen. Scientific name: Carinotetraodon irrubesco. Family: Tetraodontidae. Origin: Southeast Asia, specifically certain rivers on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Natural habitat...
  8. nmonks

    Amazon Abyss

    Lots of nice footage of eartheaters, black ghosts, catfish and whatnot in the wild. You may want to switch off the sound though: the voiceover is incredibly misleading and stupid. Apart from that, it's fun. Cheers, Neale
  9. nmonks

    Dianema Can Harm Your Computer!

    Ignore (delete!) Turns out every web page gets this now! Cheers, Neale -------------- No idea what this is all about, but a Google search for Dianema brings up their "dangerous site" warning on every single site. A screenshot is pasted below for your amusement. Cheers, Neale
  10. nmonks

    Thiaminase Article

    Hello all, I've talked about thiaminase a little here at TFF, but this month I had the good fortune to edit an article for the online magazine 'Conscientious Aquarist'. Among other things the article lists the foods that contain thiaminase and the foods that don't. It also outlines some of the...
  11. nmonks

    Platycephalus Indicus @ Wildwoods

    For those that haven't been to Wildwoods in a while, they have some good stuff at the moment, including Platycephalus indicus. This is a lizard-like fish with a gigantic mouth (think: monkfish) and an attractively marked tail fin. Wild fish are commonly 80+ cm in length, and apparently 50 cm...
  12. nmonks

    I'm Teaching A Course On Fish!

    Not 100% sure if this is the place to post this! Moderators, feel free to move as preferred. From January 22nd I'm teaching a 10-week course evening (Thursdays) class on fish. The idea is it'll cover all kinds of aspects: evolution, adaptations, fisheries, mythology, sport and so on. The class...
  13. nmonks

    Sandelia At Wildwoods

    I was up at Wildwoods last week and they had a batch of tank-bred Sandelia bainsii. These are very rare in the wild, and I have never, ever seen them in the trade, though captive breeding and conservation programs are going on and may help save the things from extinction. These are subtropical...
  14. nmonks

    Polypterus & Body Armour

    A news item was on the BBC World Service this morning about a group of American scientists who plan to use the pattern of bichir scales as a design for stronger, more flexible armour. You can read more (and download the scientific paper) at the Ortiz Lab page, here...
  15. nmonks

    Clea Helena Breeding, Plus A Strange New Snail

    Hello, Traded as the "snail-eating snail" or "assassin snail", Clea helena has suddenly appeared in quite a few shops here in England. I've had my specimens about six months now, and they're doing great. Laying eggs all over the place, and all but eliminating the Malayan livebearing snail...
  16. nmonks

    Thorichthys Ellioti/archocentrus Myrnae

    Hello, I need photos of the following cichlid species ASAP for an article for a British fishkeeping magazine. There's a little money involved, plus copies of the magazine in question. If anyone can help, please get in touch by Personal Message or e-mail tonight or tomorrow, as the magazine is...
  17. nmonks

    Aulonocara Baenschi "maleri"/pseudotropheus Demasoni

    Hello, I need photos of the following cichlid species ASAP for an article for a British fishkeeping magazine. There's a little money involved, plus copies of the magazine in question. If anyone can help, please get in touch by Personal Message or e-mail tonight or tomorrow, as the magazine is...
  18. nmonks

    Brackish At Wildwoods, Maidenhead Aquatics Peterborough

    Did a nice fish trawl today, and there's definitely some nice stuff out there at the moment. Over at Wildwoods, the highlight was definitely some very healthy-looking Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda (mangrove horseshoe crabs). These are feeding well on crushed mussel. About 10 cm shell length, plus...
  19. nmonks

    Baby Cuttlefish Needs A Home

    It's a cute message anyway, with a nice picture. Don't have time to help out today (off to a wedding shortly) but perhaps someone here can help. If for some reason the link above isn't allowed by the Board, then go to Gumtree dot com, go to the...
  20. nmonks

    Extreme Plants

    I thought I'd share a couple of experiences. Last year I put my Corydoras paleatus in my plastic garden pond. To help give them some cover, I put in some excess plants from my aquaria. The fish came in during the autumn, but I left the plants out as food for the snails and shrimps in the pond...