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    PLEASE HELP! Multiple mistakes made, but I’m learning.

    In the first post of the thread
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    I posted this....

    The man in the image is in desperate need of a happy face, he should be wearing the bag ;)
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    Two question: GH of tank & community fish?

    That website just means fish that are commonly kept together. But I'm afraid that is not good advice. It is impossible to say that every community fish should be kept at those levels. Hard water community fish should not be kept in water with a GH as low as 4, and soft water community fish...
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    Dwarf Shrimp Dying Daily - please help!

    Snails don't harm water parameters (pH, Gh and KH)or conditions (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate). Colin does not like snails. If you had a ton of snails, yes they would create ammonia the same as fish, but you keep snails under control by not over feeding the tank and by keeping the bottom of the...
  5. essjay

    Pregnant Shrimp?

    No, they can't. The shrimp larvae need to be in salt water to survive, then when they metamorphose into shrimp shaped shrimps, they move back into freshwater. My female amanos carried eggs constantly but there were never any baby shrimps.
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    My Knife Collection.

    It's quote from the film Crocodile Dundee. The Australian hero is in New York when a mugger pulls a knife on him and demands his wallet. Crocodile Dundee looks at the mugger's knife for a few moments then pulls out his own knife which is at least twice as long as the mugger's and says to the...
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    Pregnant Shrimp?

    Those are definitely eggs. It's a few years since I had amanos, but I know the eggs do change colour as they mature. But I can't remember if they change from white to olive green or the other way round. The shrimp in your photo has eggs in the olive green stage.
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    PLEASE HELP! Multiple mistakes made, but I’m learning.

    The very first 'rule' for stocking was based on the surface area of the tank. If the water was not moving, how many square inches of surface would be needed to provide enough oxygen for 1 inch of fish. Then it moved on to volume. The "1 inch per gallon" rule is nearly always quoted incorrectly...
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    Guppies Vs Pictus Catfish Water Concerns

    It's the other way round. Guppies are hard water fish Catfish are soft water fish. But yes, they shouldn't be kept together.
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    Unsure of fish type

    I was told that when fish are caught the collectors don't know (and don't care) exactly which species they are, so then when they are passed on to the exporter, importer, wholesaler and finally shop it's anyone's guess. They are probably identifiable down to 2 or 3 similar looking species, but...
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    The Nano forum is for very small tanks, both the plant and fish aspects. This section was set up because these tiny tanks are becoming more popular and need some expertise to maintain them properly. The Plants & Planted Tanks section is for plants in general not just those suitable for tiny...
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    Cardinal tetra lump

    It is better to use a medication to target a particular disease rather than a general treatment. And only use a medication when you have identified the disease. As you are in the UK, you won't have access to antibiotics to treat bacterial infections (unless you go to a vet for a prescription)...
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    Cardinal tetra lump

    Melafix is not a very strong medication, it's just tea tree oil. It may be OK for keeping a damaged area clean but if an infection gets in, you need something stronger.
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    Help its all gone wrong

    seangee mentioned hardness - look on your water company's website for 'hardness'. If they give it, we need a number and the unit of measurement rather than some vague words. (We need the unit as there are about half a dozen they could use) Fish have evolved in water with a certain hardness...
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    Help its all gone wrong

    Water changes will also get the ammonia reading down to zero.
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    Guppy breeding for profit

    Which country are you in? In the UK there are sites like
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    Unsure of fish type

    There are several species of stiphodon sold in the trade and most of them have made up common names. I asked about them in one shop and was told that even the importers don't know what species they actually are, they just label them as one of the known species, making an ID difficult.
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    Question about Ich

    It shouldn't. The optimal temperature for cycling is up to 29 deg C so if they can multiply quickly at 29 deg C, 30 won't harm them.
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    Stocking advice - New to the hobby

    For otos it counts as brand new I'm afraid. They need a mature tank which is usually defined as one that has been running for at least 6 months. This gives a tank time to grow the algae and biofilm that otos feed on. Otos can be very picky eaters, often refusing to eat algae wafers, and can...
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    Stocking advice - New to the hobby

    My main comment is that your hardness of 10 dH is too soft for mollies - they need a minimum hardness of 15 dH. Guppies are also hard water fish but your harness is at the lower end of their range so they could be OK. I I would strongly suggest you rehome the molly though. Keep an eye on the...