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    Catching Clown Loach

    In the next few days I am going to be moving a lot of my fish around into new tanks. However some have not been caught for years. My major problem is how on earth am I going to move a 20" plec!!, I am thinking best by hand, grab tail and head and mind the spikes.   My second problem is a group...
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    Urau, Black Collared Catfish & Saddle Cichlids, Pim Blochii

    Age and condition: Urau pair (not breeding) 4 years old, approx 10"+ Quantity for sale:2 Reason for Sale:  Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £50 for the pair Willing to Ship (Yes or No): No Postage & Packaging Price: see below Location: Birmingham B36 area Photograph:   These...
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    Juwel Rio 180 With Fish - Birmingham B36

    Livestock/Equipment Juwel Rio 180 in black with stand t8 lighting unit, APS 1400uv filter, 300w heater, sand substrate, bogwood, 1 large amazon sword plant 2 smaller plants, java moss and fern, some anubias. Fertilizers etc have not been used on these plants, just stuck in and left to get on...
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    Fry Being Stolen!

    Story so far... I noticed my thayeri had fry earlier (post in new world section..) anyway since uploading the video, I had noticed my argentea making daring dashes into the fry cloud. I thought he was eating them sadly, but he hasnt, he has been stealing the fry and now has a small batch in the...
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    Pictus Cat Not Right :(

    Juwel rio 400 Ammonia 0, nitrite 0 nitrate 0 (did water change yesterday nitrates normally very low as I have unreadable amounts in my tap water) 50% weekly wc two aps 2000ef filters other fish 3 other pictus cats, plec, one matae cichlid, one festivum cichlid, 2 tetremerus cichlids) No fish or...
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    Thayeri Spawning

    Got some fun going on in the tank in the front room. My young thayeri are spawning and causing havock. Got a couple of picks, its a shame the camera does not do their colours justice..    
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    My Ferret Playing Pool
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    Free Tanks - Must Be Collected This Weekend Else Skipping...b36

    Livestock/Equipment make-model-size/Wanted/Exchange/Plants: Age and condition: Quantity for sale: Reason for Sale: Delivery or Collection: Sales price: FREE Willing to Ship (No): Postage & Packaging Price: Location: B36 area Birmingham Photograph: All negotiations and questions must be posted...
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    Fish Lifespan - Fish Grew Massive... Died Young :(

    We know that a stunted fish's life gets shortened, but does anyone one have any evidence/knowledge of the opposite happening.   Briefly. I found my Male Aequidenes Metae dead this morning, totally out of the blue. However for the species he was a monster of a fish, very deep bodied and he was 9"...
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    Arrgghh Rainbow Urau

    Ever since I had my urau from 2" little tiddlers I had a feeling they were male and female, last night they finally spawned *whoopee*, unfortunately Rambo my rainbow cichlid was on the other side of the female while they were spawning, so chances are he has fertilized some of the eggs :(
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    Sergeant Pepper's Lhc Tank

    My sad little 180l tank is full of lonely little souls :( and I am trying to think of a solution to creating shoals without mentally over stocking.   Current inhabitents:   7 dwarf chain loach** 1 Laeacara dorisigera (red breasted acara female) -  Born here 1 black skirt tetra - given to me -...
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    Feel Like Quitting Fishkeeping

    I have got to of had one of the worst few days ever. First the fight, then loosing bogie my chocolate cichlid, Chops the oscar knocking himself out being an idiot, then monday after water changing my massive 14" true parrots tank, I find the poor thing belly up, electrocuted by a faulty heater...
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    What Is Best Way To Test Heaters And Filters For Electrical Fault

    As title really, just made a really grisly discovery of one of my fish belly up. I stuck my hands in the water and felt pulsing, turned everything off and the pulsing stopped. Fish was sadly dead. I only did a wc this afternoon, so something had gone wrong in the last hour or so because he was...
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    What An Afternoon Now!

    Sitting in the front room minding my own buisiness I heard an almighty splash and tank lid rattle, then again and again, it was my oscar throwing an absolute mental round the tank, wood flying all over the place until bang he hit the outlet to the filter and spiralled to the bottom of the tank...
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    What A Morning

    I have had peace in my tanks for a couple of years now, but OMG this morning chaos!, I had forgotten just how bad a fish scrap can get, especially when its two big fish. My son came running into the kitchen soaked, Chops (oscar) and Bogie (chocolate cichlid) were fighting. By the time I got to...
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    Fluval E Heaters Question

    How long are the leads on these? I am looking at getting some new heaters, but I need long leads. Need a rough idea if anyone has these heaters.     Many thanks :)
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    Turtle Egg !

    Came down to a bit of a shock this morning. I spotted a white lump at the back of my turtle tank. It was an egg!, My RES are 30 + years old and have never laid eggs before, So it may have been my florida cooter (who has been here about 4 years now). Having never had turtles lay eggs before I...
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    Wanted - Large Corner Tank 300-400L

    I am looking for a large corner tank, juwel trigon 350, or delta, rena 360, fluval etc, or any other make so long as the the sides are no longer than 35" Not fussed if it is bow fronted or flat fronted, Not fussed about equipment filters etc, working light an advantage but not essential...
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    Wills :) Thayeri

    Of my 3 I have one that does this absolutely amazing colour transformation, it goes from normal tan/sandy colour to almost black with deep green/blue markings around the head. He (I say he, but I am not sure) will swim to the middle of the tank then change colour and twitch/head shake/shimmy...
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    Need Help To Answer A Question About A Tank

    I have put some of my tanks up for sale, but I have been asked a question that has left me totally stumped. Can anyone here give me a good answer please :D   This is the tank that is for sale...       I have been asked .........   How does this fish tank work? With a slide door?