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  1. SnailPocalypse

    Assorted Guppies for sale(OKC)

    Assorted guppies for sale Age and condition:Healthy,3 months old. Quantity for sale:30 in total Reason for Sale:Gotta sell some for business. Delivery or Collection:Will possibly deliver depending on how close. Sales price:1$ a piece.2$ a trio. Willing to Ship (Yes or No):No Postage & Packaging...
  2. SnailPocalypse

    Be prepared for tonight!

    So I am sure many of you are not aware of the 60 gallon I have set up.Been setup for about two months now so I think I will post a journal of it tonight or early morning monday,stay tuned.......I guess lol.
  3. SnailPocalypse

    Can someone please give me one?

    I have tetra test strips and would like to test my GH/KH but the little chart is ruined as of water so could someone give me a picture of the entire chart? Thank you.
  4. SnailPocalypse

    Tank too clean?

    So I noticed a Nitrogen deficiency in my S.repens yesterday and I thought Hm must be something else.Well I tested my nitrate and it said 0.So I thought what if it is out dated?Tested on other tank 20 ppm of nitrate.So I am feeding the fish more and I put some O+ under the plants since it has 15%...
  5. SnailPocalypse

    AR Mini

    So I would like to get some AR mini for my tank.It is freshly dirted.With a 10000k beamswork EA fspec light.
  6. SnailPocalypse

    Trimming all leaves off a plant?

    So my Argentine swords are melting and im wondering if maybe I could just cut all the leaves off the plant so nutrients can be focused on new leaves or if that will kill the plant.The plant would be basically all underground.
  7. SnailPocalypse

    Lights for 60 gallon

    So I have been looking at two lights to grow,swords,wisteria,and staurogyne repens. One has been fluctuating in price from 44-50 and I dont want pay day to come and not have enough so which one would work for these plants? Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable...
  8. SnailPocalypse


    So I was looking for a substrate for my 60 gallon and found out my area does not carry anykind of pool filter sand but has play sand,tube sand(quikrete brand)and, all purpose sand also quikrete will any of these sand work for the tank?
  9. SnailPocalypse

    60 gallon stocking

    I obtained a 55 gallon as a deal for getting rid of my 10 and one of my 5 gallon tanks.So I will be having (as of the moment)9 neon tetras,2 bristlenose plecs,a betta,a ghost shrimp,and two corydoras. Thinking that this tank will be understocked with these fish I would like to go with some more...
  10. SnailPocalypse

    Light on a indoor breeding tub?

    I have had my new breeding tub set up in my room now for 2 months or so.Just moved some Guppy babies in.My only worry is that I don't put light on it and the only real light it gets is from the kinda far window and the tank that is above it.So you can see the bottom but its dim.I just wanna make...
  11. SnailPocalypse

    The Three Tank Tour Official

    It's been awhile since I posted some pics eh?So I thought lets make a tour of all my tank and some bonus features.Maybe we can rival Nicks Betta sorority,haha.Anyways lets get into it!P.S sorry for making you guys wait so long for it. First up is the one of the 5 gallons. Stocked with:One...
  12. SnailPocalypse

    Cleaning in tight spaces.

    So with the new hardscape in my tank there are a lot of tight spaces the big tube siphon can't get in so I just used the tube to it,which was great and all but it was so powerful it sucked plants up.Would it be best to use a smaller tubing to clean the tight areas?
  13. SnailPocalypse

    Tin foil reflector?

    So as you may know,I am using a desk lamp for my lighting on my 5.5 gallon,silver version(The desk lamp is silver).I am wondering if to create stronger lighting,more intensive lighting.If covering the entire top of the tank with tin foil except the slits on the lamp to let heat out will be ok.Or...
  14. SnailPocalypse

    Plant nutrient deficency?

    Ok so my other plants do not seem to have this but on my wisteria the leaves get lil brown spots(im assuming is diatoms)and the leaves curl and get kinda transparent in spots?Is this a deficiency?I did also dirt this tank a month or two ago but I would think the plants are getting enough...
  15. SnailPocalypse

    Bolivian ram?

    So I have been looking for 5 gallon stocking and I thought possibly a bolivian ram?Extra water changes is fine.
  16. SnailPocalypse

    The three tank tour update

    So I probably won't post anything else except this but so you guys know.The Pictures all my three tanks (One you guys haven't seen at all yet,its brand new)Everything has been rescaped since last time.Um,I guess expect it around July?Middle of July to end of July.Ima let it grow in some as I...
  17. SnailPocalypse

    Algae algae go away come again.....never please.

    So,I know I madea thread on diatoms but now I would like to verify some things,and maybe get some solutions. Here are some pictures.It seems I have three types of algae BBA(its a black algae that does not come off easily.Mostly on my staurogyne repens where they are right out in the light.IE...
  18. SnailPocalypse

    Amazon sword

    Do you think a dirted tank(from dirt outside) can handle the heavy root feeding of amzon swords without needed root tabs for a couple months?Or will an ozelot sword do better and stay smaller in my tank?
  19. SnailPocalypse

    Tds for shrimp

    So if anyone knows about tds.For red cherry shrimp is it ok if the tds it around 400 ppm?
  20. SnailPocalypse


    So I got a 5 gallon aquarium,not my first tank.And it has diatoms.Now I got two other tanks(varying in sizes) that have never got diatoms.And they both have black substrate of some sort and both have hoods.My tank has a desk lamp for lighting,with a 6500k bulb 860 lumens.Any idea what it could...