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    Fin rot!?

    Hello! I must go in the morning to get treatment for my aquarium, I’m pretty sure all of my fish have fin rot! I was away on vacation and came back and noticed white lines on their fins and now they are ripping off a little, 8 fish in a 15 gallon, just did partial water change as well. What is...
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    My tank has been great, fish have been thriving since I got them in May, and literally just this week my nitrites have been super high! I have been doing partial water changes every day since, as it’s only a 20 call... and this may be off the subject, but water is also very hard (and always has...
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    Hello! What are some tips on moving fish, and causing them the least stress? I am relocating a short distance away, have 10 fish total to transport! (Fairly small, they are serpae and black skirt tetras and two corys) They have been doing well so I’m stressed to have to move them! Thanks in advance!
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    Serpae tetra and black skirt

    I currently have 4 Serpae tetras, one black skirt, in a 20 gallon. So five fish total. It’s a newer tank so I started with 3 serpae, after they did well a couple weeks, went to get more, there was one left, and a black skirt tetra, so I bought those two. Added them about a week ago, all has...
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    Anyone have any thoughts on why my tiger barbs keep dying?

    Hello, to start of I will be as specific as I can. I have a 20 gallon aquarium, newly cycled, about 4wks when I started with the fish. I had been testing the water everyday. All was good. I bought 5 barbs. (Only was going to do 2-3 but also knew they are schooling fish, and he said 5 should be...