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    Norman Lampeyes - 5 Dead In 5 Days.

    Hi everyone,   I'm having some issues with my Norman Lampeyes and am looking for some advice.   I have a 30l tank - cycled and been up and running for around 14 months now. It has sand substrate, bogwood and live plants/moss in it. Water is kept at 24deg c and changed once a week (about 30%)...
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    Julii Cories Sudden Illness/death - What's Wrong?

    One of my Julii cory's was breathing quite rapidly last night, I came down this morning & his breathing was really laboured and he was just sort of drifting with the water and kept falling on his side (needless to say he was dead within about half an hour). Problem is another Julii has started...
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    What Species Of Freshwater Snail Should I Get?

    I originally had a bladder snail. This snail did a great 'clean up job', kept algae growth on the tank sides at a minimum and was generally a great addition to the tank. Unfortunately I had to remove the snail from the tank due to its ability to reproduce rapidly by itself. Are there any species...
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    How Many Cory's Are Suitable For My Tank?

    The tank has a sand substrate, a few plants (vallisneria americana - healthy and growing nicely), a small piece of driftwood, filter and heater (24 degrees). Water parameters are measured frequently - ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are all okay. The tank is 19l and has 3 Glowlight tetras (still...
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    New Tank, Problems With Platys And Corys

    Hi, Thank you for your advice. Do you know the ingredients in the King British WS3? We've noticed that the treatments all have different compositions. We're worried that if we treat the whole tank it might kill the plant off and also mean we need to start the cycling process again. Also, should...
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    New Tank, Problems With Platys And Corys

    I'm new to this forum so apologies if this is in the wrong place. Okay so a brief outline: - the tank is 19l and is 4 weeks old. - we added 2 platys after 1 week - we added 2 cories 1 week after that. - The tank has a filter (a Jebo Q112). This is the tank...