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    Wanted - Shelldwellers

    East midlands area. They were the first fish I ever kept and I'm looking to get back into them. I kept multifasciatus but I'm interested in any. I'd rather buy private than use a store. many thanks
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    Breeding Irrubecso Puffers?

    So i've not kept tropical fish for some time as I've been busy with my work, relationship breakdown etc. But as of recently I'm back in the game. Has anyone bred Irrubeco puffers while I was away? I'm of the assumption the trick is soft acidic water over java moss, 1 male to 2 females, and them...
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    Wanted: Shell Dwellers

    Looking to buy some shellies, in Nottingham/Derby area. Please PM me!
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    Juwel Rekord60/70 Hood

    As it reads, need a hood for a Juwel Rekord 60 or 70. I live NG10 but will travel or pay postage.
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    I'll Be Back For A Bit!

    For those that might have remembered me posting in days gone by... I had to take a break for a bit, i moved house, broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years and started a new job with more training and pressure than I thought possible (police officer) But I should be back now, I had 6 tanks, but...
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    Find Me The Cheapest Overtank Luminaire For A Rio240

    Like the title, where is the best, cheapest place to get an overtank luminaire for a rio 240? I want something that will need minimum DIY. i'm not growing plants so also need light strong enough just to view the fish. Cheers!
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    Parrot Info Wanted

    Saw one of these in a pet shop the other day, and fell in love with it. i'm not totally naive on birds, my girlfriends mum has a conure. Essentially I need talking out of buying a bird which would cost a small fortune.
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    Id My Pike Cichlid

    It's about 4" long at the moment, i think it's a male C. vittata. What's the general consensus? He's skinny at the moment though, and I'm trying to get him feeding on bloodworms.
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    Respiration In Fishes

    Is there a set equation for the respiration of fishes? I can't find one online. Is there one that can generalise for all fish? Are there seperate equations for those that have labyrinth organs etc?
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    Zebra Blenny

    Any idea on these? All I'm aware of are that they have basic goby requirements, but are a little territorial. frozen or live foods only I guess? Would they be suitable for a system containing a moray eel, sleeper goby, trio of monos, an archerfish adn a small silver dat? I go between 1.005 and...
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    My Fahaka Puffer

    here's photograph of my biggest Puffer, Darwin. Not great images, but I'll improve!
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    My Killifish Showtank Journal

    So I have a bit of spare time on my hands (for once) so am putting together a journal of killifhs. Hopefully it will encourage other enthusiasts to keep killies as well, and maybe encourage some killi-egg swaps. Tank So the tank that I will be using is this one - A juwel Rekord 60. That's...
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    Could This Light Work? I'm guessing that the light output is probably going to be awful. I admit I don't know a whole lot about planted tanks, but I imagine the standard lamp that comes with it would be the incorrect spectrum. Is there a different...
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    For Those That Want To Buy Oddballs Online

    As well as Tropical Imports which is great for buying oddballs online, Wildwoods now have an online service. Some very tempting offers I'd imagine for those of us with the tanks to house them -
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    Brackish Tank Photos

    Took this photo earlier with my phone. It's of my brackish tank, it's 65g, and has a tiger, trio of monos, brackish moray, jade goby and archerfish in it.
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    Nothobrancus Eggersi

    I've read up on these and I want to begin keeping killifish. What I want to know though, is how to keep these. I know they're not recommended for a beginner, but I'm willing to put in the extra effort. I like to think I've kept some relatively difficult fish in the past (and still do). So the...
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    My girlfriends parents live in Plymouth, so every time I go visit, I make sure I take some time out to see the National Aquarium They have an exhibit with Monos (over a hundred I'd say) in, and this is it - They're in the reef tank they have! You can see a black tip reef shark, a humphead...
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    My Tiger I was trying to video my toadfish eating a bit of mussel, but the tiger was so curious he came and had a look.
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    The Tff Brackish Tank Setups Thread

    I remember when i was first starting out with a brackish tank, I really didn't know what setups looked like, or how people really looked after them. I didn't know what to expect it to look like, or what fish people kept together, so my idea for this thread is to post photos of your setup and...
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    Panda Garra