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  1. Wells

    Guppy Fin Issues

    Afternoon all Looking for some advice on my two guppies with two different issues with their fins. I lost a guppy about 10 days, I treated the tank for internal bacteria as my gourami was showing symptoms and one guppy wasn't acting right, unfortunately, one guppy didn't make it and I finished...
  2. Wells

    10g Planted tank

    Evening all. Had a friend getting rid of an old tank, it was full of bright multi coloured gravel and a single barrel ornament, all that cleared out and tank cleared up. Replaced the old fluorescent with a new led, fitted a new sponge filter with some established media and chucked in some...
  3. Wells

    Dry Start Issues

    Attempted a dry start with some monte carlo and a week later a lot of it has died, I'm unsure what I done wrong. It is covered with clingfilm and kept in an airing cupboard for humidity. Every morning I give it a spray with water, then rd cover it and turn the light on for 14ish hours. From...
  4. Wells

    Biomedia Prep

    Good afternoon / evening / morning I've currently put a couple extra bags of bio media into my filter system with the impression that when I get round to upgrading to a bigger tank in a couple months I will be able to speed up my cycle. By the time they'll be in there, the media will have...
  5. Wells

    Nano Bonsai Tank

    Gonna do a journal for this one as I think it will (hopefully, fingers crossed) be a worthwhile timelapse over 6-8 weeks. WIll be attempting a dry start so hopefully, it works! Been wanting to do one of these for a while now and have been looking online for a tank suitable for the last...
  6. Wells

    Snail ID

    Evening all I think I have an infestation of snails, I do have a single nerite snail who has recently been laying a lot of eggs, or so I thought it was the nerite anyway. While trying to find some shrimp I stumbled across 7+ small snails which I don't think are nerites. Is it time for an...
  7. Wells

    Is my shrimp pregnant?

    I originally had 4 shrimp and lost one quite early on, its been about 4 weeks since I've had them now and the 3 surviviors have done well gaining good size and colour. Just noticed this one under the angle of the light, looks like it has eggs? Anyone with better knowledge of shrimp able to...
  8. Wells

    30L Betta Tank

    One I set up for my nephew a while ago, his now finally got the betta in the tank to bring to make the tank together. Couple Java ferns, nubias, some hornwort, moss balls and just some floating plants at the top with 3 bits of glimmer rock.
  9. Wells

    Rescaped my fluval, thoughts on before and after?

    This is where it was from when I first got it, I tried planting carpet plants but they didnt take very well probably from my lack of co2! I also made a mistake of planting my nubias and Java fern in the soil. This had more of an overgrown jungle vibe i thought. Decided I would rescape and try...
  10. Wells

    Bully Fish

    Hello all, I've had my tank running for awhile now, and started with a small school of Harlequin Rasboras. After I acclimated them to the new tank and released, I noticed one had no eyes from the store but thought I would see how he/she goes. They've been in there for about 3 weeks now, and I...
  11. Wells

    Hello All

    Hey! Little about me, 29 years old electrician from Essex, England. Like gaming, cooking, badminton and now fish. I'm new to the hobby, I first showed interest in it quite a bit around a year ago when I started watching aqua scaping videos and really wanted a turtle. After a lot of research...
  12. Wells

    Bottom Dwellers with Flora Base Pro Substrate

    Hello All! I'm new to aquarium keeping, I recently bought a Fluval Flex 57l and used Flora Base Pro substrate with a few plants and some driftwood. I started with Harlequin Rasboras and was intending to introduce some tetras and Corydoras down the line (now leaving the tetras and increasing the...