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    My Goodness! Tetradon Schoutedeni

    Are there any supporting photographs?
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    Wanted - Shelldwellers

    East midlands area. They were the first fish I ever kept and I'm looking to get back into them. I kept multifasciatus but I'm interested in any. I'd rather buy private than use a store. many thanks
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    Which Puffer

    An arrowhead puffer sounds like a great idea, they're fantastic water pets.
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    Help With Catfish I.d Please

    That is likely to be either synodontis angelicus or a hybrid.
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    Puffer Id Please :)

    It won't ever be truly identified without DNA sampling, but if you look up "sabahensis" on google you'll find lots of people with similar looking puffers proclaiming all kinds of care needs for them. Enjoy!
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    Dwarf Puffers, What All Potential Owners Should Know

    Green bottles are considered piscovores, so I wouldn't mix them with any other fish, but Ive had some success with lorteti/irrubesco mixes. Won't always work though...
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    Thinking Of Getting Some Dwarf Puffers.

    Check out the pinned topic at the top of the forum!
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    Puffer Struggling To Eat

    I've never known a DP to need it's teeth trimmed. And the majority of pufferfish species offered in fish stores are freshwater.
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    Breeding Irrubecso Puffers?

    So i've not kept tropical fish for some time as I've been busy with my work, relationship breakdown etc. But as of recently I'm back in the game. Has anyone bred Irrubeco puffers while I was away? I'm of the assumption the trick is soft acidic water over java moss, 1 male to 2 females, and them...
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    Whats Your Occupation ?

    Good old fashioned British Cop. Just coming up to 2 years in, hence my lull on here. Also completing a degree at the same time!
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    Uk Law On Tattoos

    No, that's a myth. Adult consent makes no difference. You cannot tattoo a person under the age of 18 in England and Wales without prior consent of a qualified medical practitioner.
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    Uk Law On Tattoos

    Go to your local police station, tell them the circumstances and make sure they're aware of the infrequently used "Tattooing against minors act 1969" (yes, it exists.) It's an old statute but if I remember my training rightly (so long ago!) the only real defence is that the person didn't know...
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    Wanted: Shell Dwellers

    Looking to buy some shellies, in Nottingham/Derby area. Please PM me!
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    Juwel Rekord60/70 Hood

    Still needed!
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    Juwel Rekord60/70 Hood

    As it reads, need a hood for a Juwel Rekord 60 or 70. I live NG10 but will travel or pay postage.
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    F8 With A Green Spotted Puffer?

    Quick answer is no, the more in depth answer is in the pinned topics about puffers.
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    Dwarf Puffer Theoretical Tankmates

    I can tell you from my experience of keeping DPs and trying a few unusual tankmates, the only success I've really had has been bumblebee gobies, bigger puffers, and BN Plecs. There were quite a few casualties from my various attempts!
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    Puffer And Bb Gobies

    I have had success mixing BBGs with dwarf puffers, but again, you've got to be able to feed them. My theory has always been that black and yellow we know are "danger colours" in the wild, such as bees and wasps, so they're left alone. That was further affirmed when an archer fish ate a BBG of...
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    Marbled Eel?

    Yes, to confirm the above, it is G. Tile. Brackish, higher end of salinity rather than lower. Don't do fantastically in captivity, but the one I kept was very personable.
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    Happy Birthday Fella

    Thank you very much, i hit the big two five :)