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  1. primsloaches16

    Ammonia 1ppm, are my fish safe for now???

    So update to my bad losses after the Texas snowstorm. My 29 fish were in a 20 gal for emergency for the last 4 days (were in a 10 gal for 3 days prior) The water just came on allowing me to set up the tank. I had the filter from the 65 running on the 20 gal while they were in there to get the...
  2. primsloaches16

    My Worst Nightmare- How do I recover this?

    Hey yall. If any of yall are in central texas I'm sure you're aware of the record breaking cold snowstorm weve been having. My power has been out for 2 days, and I had to leave my fish tanks behind when I went to stay with a relative. (Wrapped the tanks before we left) When we came back this...
  3. primsloaches16

    Are these Corydora eggs fertile? *VIDEO OF SPAWNING!!*

    I am a very proud fish mom today! My corydoras have been spawning FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER all day today!!!!! I've been able to save 11 of the eggs so far, but most burst when I tried to get them. I'm not sure if it's because I'm inexperienced but I tried to be gentle. I read that fertlizied...
  4. primsloaches16

    Please help!! What do i do with my Female Injured Cherry Barb?!

    Hey yall! Havent posted in awhile, mostly everything has been going great except for the thing I noticed today. I moved my cherry barb school (12 barbs, 9 females, 3 males) to the 20 gallon tall, solo. They're the only fish in there. Today we had a power outage, so their filter wasnt working for...
  5. primsloaches16

    New Stocking List vs Old! Need Opinions- Improvement?

    So yall who have bared with me since my horrible beginning, I've had around 40 lovely little creatures in a 32.5 and 20, which was massively overstocked! I vowed that when I moved I would get a larger tank to better disperse the fish to live comfortably, and less crowded! Well I moved into my...
  6. primsloaches16

    Help!! Synodontis Nigrita or Ocellifer?

    Hey y'all! I was under the impression that my two fish, Shade and Midnight, were Upside Down Catfish (Synodontis Nigriventis) as they were SOLD AS SUCH, WITH MY NIGRIVENTIS. Looking further into it, they do not match the coloration or shape, so I went sleuthing. As far as I can see, I believe...
  7. primsloaches16

    Special Needs Loach Update- Meet Baby!!<3

    Hey y'all! I wanted to post an update on my post from a few days ago, I ended up going back to my LFS today and picking Baby up! I thought about it for all day yesterday, and decided, if I go back and she's still there, I'll take her home. And there she was. So I got her bagged up and took her...
  8. primsloaches16

    **Need Opinions!** Rescuing a special needs loach?

    Hey y'all, I really need y'alls opinions because this has been tearing me up all day. I went to my LFS to get food and I looked in the Dojo Loach tank (like I always do XD) They were all sold except for this small golden dojo with a pretty severely disformed spine. My heart broke for this little...
  9. primsloaches16

    Betta- Before and After a loving home!

    Saw a ton of threads on posting progress photos of your fish, generally their change with colors and vibrancy, and I figured Honey is a fantastic example of that! Honey isn't a fancy betta, no flowy fins, the "wild" type of betta splendens. I got her on the rack of "less desirable" bettas next...
  10. primsloaches16

    My fish love me!!! <3 :')

    Or at least my hand lol. I had to adjust the heater in the tank and then manually removed some BBA from my moss ball, and all three of my Dojo Loaches (Prim, Catnip, and Marigold) along with my school of cherry barbs, (Lily, Tulip, Rose, Petal, Starburst and Tiger), and a few of my ghost shrimp...
  11. primsloaches16

    Dojo Loach- Head bump?

    Hey y'all! This morning during feeding I noticed that one of my juvenile Gold Dojo Loaches, Catnip, has a small bump on the top of her head, back near where the gills meet the body. It's not a cut or open wound, just a small bump. She's acting completely normal, eating and swimming around to her...
  12. primsloaches16

    Media of my lovelies- Will be Updated!

    Hey y'all! I have so many pics of my babies I want to share, but I felt like I was clogging up my posts with new threads for each time, so this will be a catalog of my pics, and will be updated when I get more! I hope y'all enjoy!
  13. primsloaches16

    Tonight's sillies- Prim and Clover

    Cute pics I got of my baby girls, Primrose the Dojo Loach cozy on some frogbit, and Clover my Panda Garra sitting on her most favorite Indian Almond Leaf XD So photogenic!
  14. primsloaches16

    Live Plants Only in the 32.5 Gal!:D

    Thought y'all would appreciate the update! The 32.5 Gal is now live plants only! Everyfishy loves it!
  15. primsloaches16

    Tank Update! (AKA Rescape/Goodbye Hillstreams, Hello...?)

    Thank all of y'all for your algae eater suggestions! They were all wonderful options and I apprecaite y'all all so much! My two wonderful babies, Daisy and Poppy, were sadly, but for the best were returned to their fish store so that they can go to a truly suitable and loving home. As much love...
  16. primsloaches16

    Good Tropical Algae Eaters?

    Hey y'all! I've been looking around the internet for a few hours and am getting a LOT of differing information. I'm returning my two lovely Hillstream Loaches because they are cold water fish when I heard (dumbly, from a YouTube Channel.) that they were able to thrive in tropical temperatures...
  17. primsloaches16

    Finally, pics of the Loach Babies!

    Took me a ton of phone storage space, but I finally got some good pictures of my Dojo's, Prim, Catnip, and Marigold! I've never gotten them together in a photo so I was so excited! (Hard to tell the differences, Prim is the largest one, shes the deepest gold, Marigold is the same size as Catnip...
  18. primsloaches16

    Rescape of the 32gal!:D

    I've been wanting to change up the 32 gal for a minute, so with this being one of my rare chill days off, I decided to do so! There's more swimming room/open space, but there is really good hiding places and cover as well! I know I just posted the post-water-change pic, but I wanted to share...
  19. primsloaches16


    Here is my most PRECIOUS BABY, MID MACH-7 ZOOM.
  20. primsloaches16

    Post Maintenance Tanks!<3

    Did some decor moving and the tanks look great!:D