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    Best external for a 145 litre?

    Hi Can anyone advise me the best external filter for a 145 litre tank? I am guessing it will be an ehime of some sort. Is there some kind of light in some filters that kills any algae that passes through?
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    Easy to keep floating plants?

    Can anyone advise me easy to keep floating plants, also are water changes tricky with floating plants?
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    Is the surface agitation enough?

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    Best external for 145 litre tank

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can reccomend the best external pump for an 145 litre tank please?
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    water change and getting new fish advice??

    hey all i was up very early this morning and decided to do a water change and clean out the filter and the tubing i had it done by 830am. am i okay to get some new fish this afternoon or evening ? i am thinking of mollies and a few bristle nose
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    When to clear algae?

    Hi all. I just want to check if alage should only be cleared of the glass on water change day or can it be done anytime?
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    Not doing water changes often!!!

    I have heard of guys very seldom doing water changes and there tanks been fine. No fish deaths or algae. Why is this?
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    Are plant tablets good?

    Hi can anyone tell me if plant tablets are worth using? Also if I use 5hem do I still need to fertilise?
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    Gunk in hose of external filter.

    Hi can anyone tell me if all the gunk that's in the hose of the external filters is bad for the fish or does it help keep the water?
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    seachem flourish advice

    Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of using seachem flourish?
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    UK plant seller recommendation??

    Hi can anyone recommend a website for live plants please?
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    Will plants repair??

    Hi all can anyone tell me from the picture if my plants can repair? They are turning transparent like.
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    Do I need to water change?

    Hi all. I am just wondering if my weekly water checks are the same every week and there is no sign of algae do I still need to do a weekly water change?
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    Why trickling noise in external filter?

    Hi all. Just cleaned my external filter for first time. All of a sudden there is a trickling noise inside the filter. Why is this and how do I stop it?
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    External filter question

    Hi all do I throw out the water that's in the external filter canister when I do water change?
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    What's up with red phantom?

    Hi a can someone tell me if something is up with the red phantom? It was swimming like this a few weeks ago also
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    Is red phantom pregnant and ready to pop?

    Hi I have a red phantom swimming around frantically. Looks healthy but slightly big. Its glowing like someone switched a light on inside her. Is she about to pop. Or is it something else?
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    Is the flow from aqua one ocellaris 850 weak?

    Hi all. Can you tell me if the flow from my aqua one 850 is weak? It's only been running 4 or 5 weeks now
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    How to add oxygen without air stone?

    Hi can anyone advise me on how to add oxygen to my tank without using an air stone?
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    Fish dieing every other day

    In the last week I have been loosing a fish every other day. My pH is 6.8 to 7 the ammonium is 0 nitrite and nitrate 0. Its 145 litre tank and its, sitting at 27 degrees. Any ideas?