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  1. Gem(:

    Thorichthys maculipinnis (ellioti) spawning

    Hey all, Thought I would share my good news with you all. My 2 beautiful cichlids are in the middle of spawning! I was watching my tank and noticed my female ellioti (Ellie) kept popping up behind the wood. Took a closer look and she's laying eggs! Elliot is following her, fertilising them...
  2. Gem(:

    What is this?

    hey, not sure if I'm posting in the right part. But does anyone have any idea what this stuff is on my plants? The plants are not real ones. Its a new tank, new water, new plants. Its not on all of them, just a couple.
  3. Gem(:

    Strange behaviour?

    Hey all, New to the group, this is my first post. I have 2 ellioti cichlids (did have 3 but she was a massive bully so returned her) one is definitely a female, she has a dark black spot with really vibrant blue specks on her dorsal, the other ellioti, unsure of sex, keeps chasing her, does a...