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  1. LostBear

    Razzmatazz - February 2021 Tank of the Month Winner (31 G and larger)

    Congratulations Congratulations, Razz! A well-deserved win - beautiful tank. (I love your substrate! What is it?)
  2. LostBear

    Badger's 150g Rainbowfish Tank

    A nice drop of Sanatogen Tonic Wine. That's what they need. :lol:
  3. LostBear

    Badger's 150g Rainbowfish Tank

    A Methuselah of a shrimp.
  4. LostBear

    Badger's 150g Rainbowfish Tank

    Then that is a VERY impressive shrimp! I wonder if they did manage to breed in your tank? Everything I've read states that, like nerite snails, they need brackish water for the fry to develop, but I wonder if, by some incredible happenstance, your tank conditions were just right - even if it...
  5. LostBear

    Badger's 150g Rainbowfish Tank

    I was reading that Amano shrimp usually live up to 2 years - but yours must be older than that because they can't breed successfully in fresh water, so yours must have been there since you put it in, however many years ago. We've got four Amano in our tank - I LOVE them! There is one huge one...
  6. LostBear

    Corylover 5 - January 2021 Pet of the Month Winner

    Congratulations! I voted for her, but it's always such a hard decision - all of these lovely pets have something that makes them irresistible! But it was her sweet little enquiring expression that swung it for me.
  7. LostBear

    Any suggestions welcome, please

    What goes around, comes around! :rofl::kana:
  8. LostBear

    Any suggestions welcome, please

    Terry's sister was Audrey - the actress was Sheila Somebody (sorry - haven't checked it. I can't remember her husband's name (Barry?) but I'm pretty sure he was played by Ronald Lacey. Thelma was Bob's long-term girlfriend (and later wife).
  9. LostBear

    Maybe a bit creepy!

    No reason why the Doctor's next incarnation can't be an aquatic one . . . ;)
  10. LostBear

    The life of a 20 gallon Quarantine Tank

    Just found this thread and am thoroughly enjoying it! Very impressed with this - esp. for a quarantine tank. It's looking great!
  11. LostBear

    Naterjm - January 2021 Tank of the Month Winner (17 - 30 G)

    Congratulations! Lovely tank - well done.
  12. LostBear

    Maybe a bit creepy!

    Real life is over-rated at the moment, Peas - stay here with us until it's safe to go out.
  13. LostBear

    Maybe a bit creepy!

    Whoops! I mixed you up with Colin_T, our resident Mythological Creature! Don't know how on earth I managed to do that, what with him not showing up on photographs, and on mirrors nd stuff! :lol::lol::lol:
  14. LostBear

    Maybe a bit creepy!

    Gosh! You are handsome (or at we say here in t'North of England, "Not bad!"). You barely look a Creature of the Shadows at all - though if I ever meet a red werewolf with a pierced lip, I'll know it's you! :lol::lol::lol:
  15. LostBear

    Baby Harlequin Rasboras??

    You lucky duck! Congratulations! What a little sweetheart he is :wub::wub::wub:
  16. LostBear your thoughts here...

    I can only assume that you are on glue if you think that Johnson hasn't made this situation worse, and that Hancock has been "on the pulse". I'm out of this conversation now as I will fall out with people. Cheers, everyone.
  17. LostBear your thoughts here...

    UK relying on GPs to do all vaccinations and still not bringing in pharmacists or the army (or retired nurses - (I know several wh have volunteered) to help out. GPs complaining they are out of vaccine and waiting for delivery. Could it be the Govt dont actually have enough vaccine for 2 million...
  18. LostBear your thoughts here...

    And it won't be the likes of Rees-Mogg getting taxed to extinction, either.
  19. LostBear your thoughts here...

    This particular government is a cabal of self-serving, greedy, entitled bumh*les who care nothing for how ordinary people are suffering. I don't think that ANY govt. could have been prepared for anything like this pandemic, but the mixed messages, "do as we say not as we do" attitude, and the...
  20. LostBear your thoughts here...

    *The rate at which the vacine rolls out will accelerate with new vaccination centres.* You do realise that it is the BRITISH government "sorting" this out, don't you?