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    How many pets do you have?

    well, don't want to name every one, but here are the animals: 12 boer goats 76 chickens 5 dogs 6 cats 3 horses
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    snail eggs

    most of the botia genus get really big (like 3'). they will live in coldwater. but can stay in a small tank for a while.
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    snail eggs

    if you want to get rid of the snails buy some botia, they will devour them.
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    Milky Water!

    ok, that could very well be the problem, i like sand, but if it is a fine grain, then it could put a film into the water. when you stir it does it release a film? maybe stronger filtration. or a finer grained sand.
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    Milky Water!

    what is your substrate? how many gallons per filtration ratio?
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    Black khuli loachs here is some info.
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    Need help wif me angels

    how big are they?
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    Need help wif me angels

    hmmm, are they the only fish in there? it could still be a terratory thing, have you moved anything around in the tank recently? new aquascaping?
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    Need help wif me angels

    what size tank is it? they are probably just establishing terratory. nothing to worry about.
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    Fish rumours

    if a fish is continuisly pulled backwards, it can't move its gills in and out wich pump the oxygen through the body. so therefore if you would pull it backwards for longer than any fisherman would, then it would drown. p.s. that is very cruel.
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    Advice please

    severum might get sorta aggressive to the angel, keep your eye on them and see what happens.
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    aptasia will live with about anything, those darn things won't die!!
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    Brown Puffer (tetraodon turgidis)

    won't work here either! :(
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    can u use sand rather than gravel

    that looks ok, make sure that the sand is fairly course, as it will be better all around
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    advice needed

    probably worms, just buy some wormer and heavily worm him.
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    Guppies and Tetras

    naturally guppies and tetras appear in large groups of about 50 or more. well naturally you can't replicate that in your tanks, but they do feel more secure in a group of 6 or more as a generall rule.
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    Pleco Habitat

    hope this helps!!!!!!!!
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    Pleco Habitat

    BIOTOPE AQUARIA -- Updated December.7.2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A biotope aquaria is an aquarium that is set-up to simulate a natural habitat. The fish, plants, water chemistry, and furnishings are similar to those that can be found...
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    Pleco Habitat

    PLANT CARE Live aquarium plants are a worthwhile addition to the fish tank. In a well planted tank, the fish have better colors, live a more natural life, and appear more comfortable than in an unplanted tank. Though they need more care than plastic replicas, live plants can be kept with few...
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    Pleco Habitat

    do you want to do a biotope or anything like that, those are the best. if you wanted a planted biotope w/ cories, do amazon. as for the plant/sand idea. get a large grain sand, trust me from experience. add flourite underneath the sand for nourishment. about a 1" layer of flourite w/ a 1"...