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  1. LoachLover

    Loach Identfication

    I was at one of my nicer fish stores the other day, and was looking to pick up a couple new loaches. They had several they were selling as "Burmese Border Loaches", and I ended up buying three of them. What I find confusing is that they don't look like the Botia kubotai that I normally see...
  2. LoachLover

    Ph Level Advice

    A friend of mine is setting up a new tank, and is just starting to cycle. When she tested the water in the tank, it was showing her PH levels to be around 7.6. So I had her test her tap to see what it was, and not surprisingly it also was 7.6. I've never really had to deal with water with a...
  3. LoachLover

    Cloudy Water

    A gentleman that's been coming into the store has had his 10 gallon tank set up for around 3 weeks. I can't remember what kind of fish he has in there, but it's around 5. He's been complaining that his water has been cloudy for probably the last two weeks. I thought it might be associated...
  4. LoachLover

    Test Kit Accuracy

    Just a quick question, and perhaps an explanation. I've always thought the liquid test kits were the more accurate tests. How accurate are the API liquid test kits? How accurate are the Quick Dip test strips? I had water that was tested with both, and the ph from the API liquid test was...
  5. LoachLover

    Do These Cycle Boosters Actually Work?

    In the past I've always just gone with the fishless cycle when starting a new tank. However, three months ago I began working at Petco (Yes I know, I've practically joined the enemy haha) and a very very common problem I run into is, people wanting to buy a fish tank, and bring home new fish...
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    Petition To Give Wolves In Oregon A Chance Just click on the petition to get further information...hope you'll sign :)
  7. LoachLover

    How Often Do You Change Filters?

    Alright how often do you change the cartiridges in your filters?
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    Any other Metallica fans here? If so which is your favorite album, and what do you think of the two new songs Metallica has been playing in concert? I really love The Black Album and Master of Puppets, and Load...well actually I like all of them except Kill Em' All and St. Anger....I thought...
  9. LoachLover

    Reintroduction Of Wolves Into Oregon

    Click Here To Go To The Petition A guy I know has just started a petition to push to get wolves back into Oregon, and I figured I'd help him push it as much as I can. More information can be found by clicking on that link. If you don't want this topic here you can just move it, I wasn't sure.
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    Saved a pleco

    I'm to soft hearted I guess, but I couldn't help myself. I went to this place called "Pet Time" a few days ago and on the main desk there was a 5 gallon tank with nothing in it except some black sand and a pleco that was 8 inches long. I went to the store manager to ask him if I could take the...
  11. LoachLover

    Animal Knowledge Quiz

    Take my one friends animal quiz, it's not easy. and click here it says "Quiz". Anytime I try to post a direct link it says "Page Cannot Be Found"
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    My Angels Just Layed Eggs

    Well I'm far from the greatest Angel expert and in my one community tank my angel pair just layed eggs on the side of the tank (On the glass) Now what do I do? Yes I would like to try to raise the fry.
  13. LoachLover

    My Angels Just Layed Eggs

    Well I'm far from the greatest Angel expert and in my one community tank my angel pair just layed eggs on the side of the tank (On the glass) Now what do I do? :lol: Yes I would like to try to raise the fry.
  14. LoachLover

    Don't Release Your Fish

    Kind of a interesting thing to read. I found this sense I caught somebody letting a Oscar go in a local pond so I looked it up to see how big of a problem it was.
  15. LoachLover

    Getting Rid Of Ick On Clown Loaches

    Well I went to my LFS and got 4 clown loaches that had ick (also spelled ich, people are confusing :lol:) Yes I got sick fish on purpose, the store owner is stupid so he is very willing to sell sick fish. One would ask "Why did you buy sick fish on purpose?" Because I wanted to try something...
  16. LoachLover

    Sexing Golden Rams

    What's the best way to sex golden rams? They finally got some at my LFS they have about 6 of them.
  17. LoachLover

    30 Gallon

    What kind of cichlids could I keep in a 30 gallon? I've never really kept cichlids (except angels) so I don't know what I'm doing :lol:
  18. LoachLover

    Going price for clown loaches

    Cost about $7 around here and cost about $10 where I used to live.
  19. LoachLover

    Angelicus Botia Loach

    Not the best picture, but I'm bad at taking pictures of fish, much better with landscapes :lol: I just got two of these guys and will be getting a few more when the new shipment comes in. This is probably my favorite loach.
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    Ok so I just moved across the country, all my fish made it oh happy days :lol: But that's not my point, I'm trying to setup my 55 gallon tank and I've got the water in, the gravel, he heater, and the wood. My problem is the filter won't start, it worked fine when I left and now it won't run...