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  1. betta fish

    Sickly Betta

    Sorry to hear this, one other thing I would do is fast him for a few days too, his stomach looks big, could be the dropsy but won't do him any harm to fast especially as he refuses food now and then. Perhaps see if you can source some live daphnia after the fast they are good at clearing out...
  2. betta fish

    Clear balls appearing in tank?

    Have you ever used these in your tank? because that's what it reminds me of :lol:
  3. betta fish

    Help me find out what's wrong with my pleco

    I think it is Lymphocystis, it's a viral disease that often goes away on it's own once the fishes immune system has fought it off so it isn't usually fatal, I'm not sure the causes of it, poss stress of some sort, maybe it was the heat treatment.
  4. betta fish

    Favorite fish

    Tough question! my number one is probably no suprise, betta splendens! they are just so personable and come in a wide variety of colours and tail types. Number 2: Dwarf puffer, so tiny and cute love the way their eyes look when hunting things! Number 3: Guppy, the males have beautiful tails...
  5. betta fish

    Is my fry big enough

    In that case then they should be safe, I would feed the fish at the time of release though so they are distracted whilst the mollies get their bearings and keep the tank light off, do it when you are around so you can watch their reaction, if they start to chase the mollies into hiding then I...
  6. betta fish

    Is my fry big enough

    It really depends on what is going on in the tank and the Angelfish, how many Angels are present? tank size? are there any other smaller fish in the tank with them? I have 2 angelfish in a large 200L tank with lots of plant cover but they have grown up with smaller fish and only ever try to eat...
  7. betta fish

    I Love Mystery Snails!!!

    I love them too, used to keep and breed them years ago unfortunately they are now illegal in the UK so impossible to buy any :(
  8. betta fish

    Came attached to some "Assorted Plants" from LFS. Need help ID-ing

    Picture 1 looks like Rotala Wallichii as does pic 3 it grows red tips in good light I have never had any luck in keeping this plant long term, 2 and 4 look like Hygrophila polysperma an easier plant to keep!
  9. betta fish

    Beautiful new boy.

    Yep, he's a veil tail and a stunning one at that :) good to see you have live plants in the tank too, just keep an eye on those fins as it looks like he or another fish might have taken a bite out of them at some point, keep an eye on the castle decoration in case he goes inside to bite, I...
  10. betta fish

    Something You Didn't Know

    Now back on topic lol :lol: my birth date is 7/8/78 and my first born child weighed 7lb 8oz!
  11. betta fish

    Betta tail has changed? is it hurt?

    It may be that because the tail was smaller you didn't notice it but now his tail is larger you have become more aware of it yes :)
  12. betta fish

    Is my siphon too big??

    Glad to hear it :) I've had no end of trouble with various syphons through the years lol the bulb ones are my favourites as they are easier to get started but that type has their uses, they are more powerful and don't usually get clogged so much.
  13. betta fish

    Is my siphon too big??

    It does look a little large for that tank but can be done, basically lay the tube horizontally on the bottom of aquarium to fill it with water, making sure all air is out then place your finger over the hose and lift the tube from aquarium letting water drain all down hose you will want to place...
  14. betta fish

    Betta tail has changed? is it hurt?

    Your fish is a double tail betta, their tails have have two separate lobes, the split you see is normal in this type, he is very nice too :)
  15. betta fish

    Just to show some males overhere...

    Thank you :)
  16. betta fish

    Just to show some males overhere...

    Nice Guppies, here are 5 males I have bred, they are mutts but I kinda like them!
  17. betta fish

    Pearl gourami issues

    I agree looks like all male :unsure: if you can, see if you can take the 2 smaller ones back to the shop and keep the more mature male, he's a stunner!
  18. betta fish

    Pearl gourami issues

    The hiding fish looks to be a male going by the body shape and orange chin though he is still young, could you post another pic of him and post pics of the other two as well? if they have paired they are not going to like this juvenile male hanging about. They are beautiful fish I have only ever...
  19. betta fish

    What?! Is this duckweed???

    I agree the root does look a little long for duckweed though the leaves look like it, though first seed leaves on plants look similar, I'd pot it in some soil and see what it grows into :)
  20. betta fish

    Unkown snail?

    It is, and a good snail to have too, they give birth to live young so hopefully you will have many more soon! ( if that's what you want of course! )