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    Random fish dying and not sure if i have an aggressive fish

    Hi This is my situation I have a 72g planted tank, with 15 corydoras 17 neon Tetras 2 guppies 7 cherry shrimp and a molly which was given to me, don't have any other tank to put him, but I have 5 months with him So in the last couple of months, I had lost 3 neons (2 last month, one today) and...
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    Balloon red eye Tetra and regular red eye tetra schooling concern

    Does anyone know if the Balloon variation will school with the regular red-eye tetras? I didn't realize that was a forced bred, good to know I will not buy them again, but in the batch, a regular red-eye tetra was introduced, I'm worried that will be by his own Thanks in advance for your help