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    Tetra Tabimin

    Hi there, I was feeding my fish pygmy corydoras on tiny generic sinking pellets, which I didn't trust and think led to a little oil on the water surface. I bought some tetra tabimin on advice here, and have a little problem I'd like advice with. I fed the neon tetras and betta on flake first...
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    Growing From Seed

    I'm thinking of buying a selection of aquatic plant seed on the basis that I'll put them in my tank, a minority will germinate, and the others will do no harm and can be fished out at a later date if I feel like it. Does anyone want to shoot me down or tell me to give it a go? Any advice? My...
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    Specific Question About Feeding Neon Tetres

    Hi, my tank new is doing well. 8 pygmy corydoras all alive after four months, betta splendens doing well, and now 11/12 neon tetras made it and looking good. I got tetra min betta flake for the betta and mini sinking pellets for the corys. My question is whether my tetras will be okay on betta...
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    55L Freshwater Tank In Guangzhou

    Hi! I'm putting together a tank and will post little bits and pieces about it here. I'm not aiming to raise anything super special, but the location is different, so there might be one or two details of interest for curious people.   The attached photo is from the Guangzhou fish market at...
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    Hello From China!

    Hi there!   I'm living in china and just bought a tank from the massive market there. it has everything, and I searched around before picking up a tank of a type that's new to me. It has dividers in the back so you have three compartments for foam filter media, ceramic beads, and a separate...