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    Se Asian Tank

    Hello, I have still yet to make a final stocking plan for my 44 US gal. Tank. And am now leaning towards a loose SE Asian Set up. And comments on compatibility and numbers would be grate: 15 Harlequin Rasbora 5? Pearl Gourami What are my options for the lower strata of the tank? And...
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    Otp's Tang Tank

    Had a bit of a re-arrange, what do you all think? Any tips on improving the photo quality?
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    Fishless Cycling Qeustions I Should Know By Now

    Hi all I have recently reset up my tank, and now need to do a fisheless cycle. – I Havant before as I have always been able to simply run my filter media in my now ex girlfriends father’s tank for a month prior to starting my own – I now of course can’t. I have read about Bio Spira and Soll...
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    Tanganikans In Low Ph Water?

    Dear all, Having finally got my tank set up, I have tested the pH and been remind that Manchester water has a low ph - my tank water is testing at 6.6 - I am keen to keep: Neolamprlogus Multifasticus (or brevis if I cant find the mutlies) Julie Dickfeldi Paracyps Nignnis (i have had...
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    Inspiration - Stocking For A 144 Liter - Tangs?

    Hi All, I have a 144liter (38 US Gal, 31 Imeprail Gallon) tank set up as below, and am looking for insperation... Long, narro and deep-ish Options in mind 1. Some kind of Tang tank - but i would like it to be fairly 'busy' Shellies Julies Calvus? The tank may really be a bit to small for this...
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    Finally The Fish Arrive!

    The first semi decent close up i have taken..... I see ltos of photos of a fish on a plain black background, as if the fish has been lifted out of a pictuer and placed on a backgorund, how do you do this? Peace regins, (for now)
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    New Tank Setup

    Here are the Pictuers, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> what do people...
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    35gl Neolamprologus Brichadri Tank

    I have finally got my Tank to a stage where I am happy with it, so here it is, the plan now is to house a breeding set up of Neolamprolgus Brichardi, I plan to start with 6 – 8 Juvies and grow them on and see how things pan out. I fancy perhaps adding some Valis(sp?) what do people think, will...
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    Shell Dweller Shells

    Just as the title says, would the shells picture on this link work of a small colony of Shellie’s, the web site says they will but just wanted to check! Pictuered here Probably either brevis sunspot, normal Brevis, or Multi's will be the Shellie of choice OTP
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    Julies Dickfeldi And...? (anything?) 35gl - Further Question

    Hi guys Finally got the tank set up and cycled, see the pic Below. The tank is apx 35 gallons 40in x 12in x 18 in Now the final plan is to include a pair of Julidochromis Dickfeldi, and ideally something else as well, the tank is pretty long and thin giving the impression (I think) that its...
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    -2 New Messages

    On my return to the forums, I have noticed I have -2 new message in my inbox according to the link to mail box in the top bars, I have checked and there are no unread messages in there a far back as it goes, (maybe there even further back)? Not a major issue for me at all, just thought id point...
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    Returning To Fishkeeping

    Hello folks, After a rather long absence I am back with a couple of beginner type questions, forgive this life has been rather hectic. I have my 35 gl tank, original going to have Saluosi in there, anyway for reasons to numerous to go into I have changed my mind! I now want to keep a...
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    New Saluosi Tnak Set Up

    Hi guys, i posted this in the old world cichlid forum but thoguht so of you might like to see it as well! it is now filled with water and cycling! OTP
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    Saluosi Tank Update

    Hello! As some of you may remember some time ago, I was looking at starting a Saluosi Tank, in my Rekord 120, 2m/6f Well due a new job etc this never got past the setting up the tank stage (I even let the fishless cycling slip) HOWEVER, now the tank has been reset, and I will begin cycling...
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    Neolamprologus Brichardi Female Tank

    Hello All, I have a breeding pair of Neolamprologus brichardi, i also have a spare 30gl tank, now what i am thinking of doing as keeping a number of the Femal offspring in this 30g tnak as a bit of a show tnak, no males to avoid inbreeding and hopfully much of the aggrssion that coems with a...
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    Guys, as some of you have seen i am starting up a Malawi tank, I originally intend to keep salousi, but was then told i had enough space to keep a number of demomansi, around 12-15 and that this was enough to keep the aggression spread esp if I only had 1 or 2 males. i still was torn between...
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    Wood For Use In A Tank Background

    Hello guys, I have drawn a complete blank trying to track down a sheet of Perspex or acrylic, at a reasonable price, so my thoughts have turned to using wood to make the background, are any of the commonly available "sheet" woods suitable for use Inside the tank? I’m thinking along the lines...
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    Re Scape Breaking Pair Bond?

    Hello guys, i am planning on changing my tank contian my breeding pair of brichardi, (not bredding right now) over to have a sand base and a a different rock layout, now this will mean removing the fish to a third holding tank... will either this move, or moving them back into the newly scaped...
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    Biricardi Timid

    i did a 20% water cahnges on my Bircardi breeding tnak adn since doing thsi the femal hasnt come out of her cave, shes normally nice and active, but now she darts out to eat adn thn hides, have i just spooked her, or somehting more seriosu? DT
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    Plastic For A Background

    Guys, i am planning to make a background, by sticking thin peices of slate onto some sort of plastic sheet and monting on the inside of the tank, what kind of plastic is suitable? any that should be really avoided? my current idea is to use a for sale borad cut to size? DT PS i have also...