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  1. Jan Cavalieri

    Lost 6 fish today and don't know why

    Yeah I think if my assistant continues to be unreliable I would hire an aquarium maintenance service - of course that doesn't help the the issue I had tonight - after my Birthday party (which was very nice) I went in to feed the fish, check the filters and heaters like I do every day and the...
  2. Jan Cavalieri

    Lost 6 fish today and don't know why

    Today, just after feeding the fish in my larger tank I walked in to turn off their light for the night and that entire tank had suddenly turned cloudy too. Luckily no funky odor and as far as I could tell all the fish appear to be alive. I do not understand what is going on. The food is...
  3. Jan Cavalieri

    Lost 6 fish today and don't know why

    Well I'll bump this up - anybody have any ideas what might have happened so I don't do this again?
  4. Jan Cavalieri

    Does anyone 3d print stuff for their tank? Advice on material needed

    clamber1122 - do you have a 3D printer? If you do then I'm surprised you don't know the names of the materials used - the manual usually tells you the name and they usually have a customer service line that you can call. If you don't - they are really expensive ($200-500 for a low end model)...
  5. Jan Cavalieri

    Lost 6 fish today and don't know why

    The fish lost were all my genetically engineered colored Tetras. Love the colors. Anyway - my assistant was gone this week due to illness so I had to do 70-80% water changes on both my tanks (one is 50 gallon, the problem one is 29 gallon) - If I haven't mentioned before I'm disabled and on...
  6. Jan Cavalieri

    How many different kind of Dojo loaches are there?

    Right now I have one 30 gallon tank and one 50 gallon tanks each with three golden Dojo loaches in them. At one time I had 4 tanks but have slowly downsized because the maintenance was killing me. I used to have 7 - so in over a year I've only lost one loach. They appear to be very hardy...
  7. Jan Cavalieri

    Please help me help my betta!

    He looks just like my beta (other than perhaps being sick and all). Since it's winter (especially in Maine I'm sure) - I would pick up a 50 watt heater for his tank and keep it on 78-80 degrees. Technically they aren't suppose to need heaters but they don't naturally live in Maine either...
  8. Jan Cavalieri

    New here and wondering what brand tank to buy

    I have both acrylic and glass tanks (2 of each). The acrylic tanks are wonderful to be able to clean because they are so lightweight (even their 50 gallon) and the water is very clear. The downside is that they usually have a structural support at the top that can make it difficult to get...
  9. Jan Cavalieri

    What do I do to lower Nitrites

    I'm used to seeing low levels of Nitrates in my water, I'm used to seeing low levels of ammonia in my water (not lately thankfully), but I've never seen nitrites in my water unless they were accompanied by ammonia (indication an uncycled tank). I my case just one of two tanks is showing any...
  10. Jan Cavalieri

    What do I do to lower Nitrites

    Sounds good Colin I will give it a try.
  11. Jan Cavalieri

    What do I do to lower Nitrites

    Should I just keep adding capfuls of Prime every 2-3 days tp get rid of the nitrites = seems expensive.
  12. Jan Cavalieri


    Try adding another bottle of Tetra Safe Start Plus = it is a water purifier and adds more bacteria to the tank. You keep adding fish and they keep dying. Could be not enough bacteria in the tank. Also NEVER put fish in a tank until it's cycled - that's just asking for deathl If you have...
  13. Jan Cavalieri

    Brown algae problem

    my brown algae started like yours and now looks like the pictures below, they clog the sponge on my filter and basket the sponge comes in so no water can get through they clog the inside of the uptake to the point of having to clean it several times a day. We finally removed everything from...
  14. Jan Cavalieri

    Wife wants a dwarf gourami. Thoughts?

    I LOVE dwarf Gourami. They do die a little more frequently than other fish (most of mine have lasted 1-2 years) but they are by far the most colorful of the live fish. I always get two of the same species, never had a fight just an occaasional bumping around one time by one set of them...
  15. Jan Cavalieri

    A Dwarf Gourami Mini F A Q

    If you want fish with mutiple colors in a 10 gallon tank then I think Gourami are the way to go. I've lost mine mainly to swim bladder disease and there is nothing you can do about it. Swim bladders help the fish navigate up and down, and in air breathing gourami's they NEED to get to the top...
  16. Jan Cavalieri

    What do I do to lower Nitrites

    I have never had a rise of nitrites except when I was cycling a tank. I know they are bad for your fish. Ammonia is zero, Nitrites is 1.0, Nitrates are 0, and PH is 7. How do I get Nitrites to zero. Before the water change they were .25 and I told my assistant, don't worry that should...
  17. Jan Cavalieri

    Oscar acting stressed out or just adolescence?

    My DoJo's do that all the time, they are perpetual juveniles about 8" long in snake like form. Love them to death but they would love to eat me out of house and home. They use their mouth like a vacuum to scrape the pellets off the gravel, get about 10 in their mouth then crunch them up...
  18. Jan Cavalieri

    Doser / water removal automation question.

    I assume you have no fish in the tanks right now. I'm not at all familiar with salt water and can't imagine why anybody would want to remove a reef or change it back to freshwater in general - so I would suspect most here would think you were crazy To me the only reason to change back to...
  19. Jan Cavalieri

    I lost 17 fish today

    The filter currently being used by the two tank we have left (I just had 5 fish in the 3rd tank so we divided them up between the other two tank and shut it down). Fish do die, many die but not 17 at a time unless something went wrong. My best guess is that my assistant forgot to declorinate...
  20. Jan Cavalieri

    I lost 17 fish today

    Here is a more realistic picture - this covers everything, including the inside of the filter so you have to clean the entire filter to make it filter well again - sometimes just cleaning the tube is enough but rarely