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    Invertebrate For A Beginner

    Hey guys! I paid a little visit to Petsmart the other day and fell in love with the reptiles and turtles and everything! I'm seriously considering getting some sort of invertebrate that isn't a fish, but people are tell me it's not such a good idea because they escape, are hard to take care...
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    Filter Cleaning And New Heater Questions

    Hi guys! Just a couple of quick questions. First, how do you clean a filter (inside & outside)? What tools do I need? If anyone has a website with instructions that would be wonderful :thumbs: . Second, on my heater, there is this outside lineing that is black and it is peeling off! I'm...
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    Fish Water On Plants

    Hey guys! This is just a quick question. Can I water my house plants with the water I take out of the tank during water changes? I'm wondering if there are any excess chemicals, but I'm not sure. If I can this will be great seeing that I'm a huge slacker when it comes to doing both of...
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    Abnormal Julii Cory Behavior!!

    Hi friends! Well I have two Julii Corys. Usually, since they are very skiddish, they stay in the back until night time and then they party it up and swim around eating everything on the bottom. However, about three days ago I noticed one of them up and swimming around the top and putting his...
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    Water Changes and Vacuuming

    Hey guys! I have a tank that has been established and running for a year now. I'm wondering, how often should I be vacuuming and doing water changes? The reason I'm asking is because well I need to know :P and I read somewhere that the older your tank is the less maintenence it needs (less...
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    Paints Paints Paints!

    Hey DIY pals! I'm about to re-decorate my fish tank and I was looking along the lines of maybe painting some things on old clay flower pots to use as little caves for my cories. I know that there are some pretty funky :S chemicals in paints that can bleed into the water and hurt fish, so, I...
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    Battery Operated Gravel Vacs, Reliable?

    Hello! While vacuuming last week, I noticed that my air pump powered vac (The Extendable Air Vacuum in Doctors Foster and Smith catalouge) wasn't exatly picking up all the junk that is left in my gravel. However, I do keep in mind that I don't spend 5 minutes on each spot like I should, due to...
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    Hey everyone! I hope that this is the right place to post this but my boyfriend is interested in getting a chameleon. However, the only place around here that sells them is Petsmart in the next town and I was wondering if they're lizards have the best health like their fish :X. Is it...
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    A Dark Fish Tail

    Hola! ;) I bought a new guppy thursday and he has a red tail. So does the guppy I had before I bought this new one and something I noticed on my older one was that the tip of his tail was black (not like..AHH MIDNIGHT BLACK!..but definetly a reddish gray :huh: ). With this in mind I kept...
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    Guppy is Vertical!!

    Hello! :D Havnt posted in a while but one of my guppys is hanging around the bottom and I know this isnt normal for a guppy! He is like..standing, hes moving but leaning against the side of the tank with his head up towards the hood :( . I thought he was just sleeping at first but he has...
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    Confessions of a fish slacker

    Hello friends :D ! I hope you all are doing marvelously and having lots of fun! I havnt been back to the forum for a little while but i decided I need to get back into the fish groove since school has started up again. :) I've had my fish for about a year now and I need a little help :/ ...
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    Guppy going crazy!!

    Hey everyone! **is out of breath** Okay! So all morning my little guppy Ferris has been laying and swimming around down at the bottom. About 5 minutes ago i went up to the tank to see how he was and i looked at him and he just started having like..spasms! He did little spiral thingys and...
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    Ah the ever popular..

    Hello Everyone! It seems that my water tests have been doing great so I figured I might like a new little dude in my tank :D . But as always I would like your guy's honest, intellegent opinoins on what I should get next :wub: ! The following are the fish I have so far in my 10 gallon...
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    How often to test the water

    Hello Everyone! Yesterday my first water test kit came in the mail!! Shocking that I have never tested my water I know but my fish are alive so hey :D . I've had my tank running since January now and I just have a quick question. With the tank established for this long, how often do you...
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    Keeping the back of the tank dry

    Hey everyone! :hyper: I found this really cool wrapping paper that I want to use as a backround on my tank. The only problem is that the back of the tank is pretty moist and because of my air pump (in the back) water tends to sprinkle out of the back opening in my hood (where all the tubes...
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    Feeding Dwarf Gourami

    My dwarf gourami has a very big apetite :P. When he is finished eating flakes he seems to pretend he is king of the ocean and terrorizes everyone trying to find more food until he is full (I give him a little bit more when i see him chasing my cories :S). Is there anything out there that can...
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    Fish Spitting Out Food

    Hey Everybody! :D Just a quick question!: What does it mean when a fish spits out it's food? He doesn't like it? :blink: Hope someone knows! :thumbs: Thanks Guys -Bunny- ^-^
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    Cooling Water

    With the summer and heat approaching us and my first summer with fish :D I just have one quick question: Is there anything out there that can cool the water? You guys are all pretty thrifty..any secrets or methods? THANKS!! ^_^ -Bunny-
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    I recently got one of those air pump powered vacuums and it works great! The only problem is that everytime I want to vac I have to take out all the ornaments to vacuum. It discourages me from vacuuming and I know it isnt that healthy for the tank if I'm always taking out the ornaments! So...
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    Buying fish through the mail

    I need some ottos! My tank is starting to get algea like mad! and even though I clean it I could use a couple of little helpers :D . I was looking through Doctors Foster & Smith and noticed they had some. I have 3 questions about ordering fish through the mail :P : 1) Is it okay on the...