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    Possible Cotton Fin - Swordtail

    Our magnificent male Swordtail Luigi seems to have lost some of his very long sword and appears to have what looks like Cotton Fin - I just want to confirm it. He's usually very macho and struts his stuff but he's definitely stressed out and I want to help him ASAP. Any help would be...
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    Shy Black Phantoms?

    Hi all! Hope everyone is managing through yet another lockdown here in the U.K! Just wanted to get some thoughts on my Black Phantom Tetras! We've had our tank around 2 months now and we're really pleased. We got our latest additions around 4/5 weeks ago which were two Red Honey Gouramis and a...
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    First time fish keeper - but need some help!

    Hi all, first time posting here so thought I'd introduce myself! Me and my Mrs have recently bought a 64L tank that's in great condition and nice and clean. It came with everything needed, including filters, heater and lights. We got it Monday evening and got it all set up and ready. We put in...