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  1. drobbyb

    New Bolivian Ram Pair

    Yesterday I met Gvilleguy at the local lfs. He contacted me a good while back about possibly taking them off his hands but my tank wasn't ready. I promised him that I would take some pictures once they were settled in: Thanks again Gvilleguy!
  2. drobbyb

    Natural Soil

    I was talking to a friend of mine who used to have a planted tank. He used soil from his yard as a base substrate then capped it with gravel. My question is how do you get all of the debris or other nastiness out of it? Has anyone tried this?
  3. drobbyb

    Bromo Blue?

    I've seen people talk about bromo blue as a co2 indicator when used with 4dkh water. Is it the same chemical in the API pH test kit?
  4. drobbyb

    30 Gallon Project

    I'm not going to pretend that I'm a great scape artist, but I would like some feedback so that I can become a better one :D Have a look at my hardscape and please make suggestions. I want this tank to look great.
  5. drobbyb

    Pearling On My Planted Project

    Hey plant people :D So I started a 10 gallon project a few weeks ago, and started with 1 bunch of red ludwiga and some shabby looking java fern (the rhizomes still looked good though). The red ludwiga has really taken off, I am having to trim and replant the cuttings every 5 or so days. I...
  6. drobbyb

    Anyone Have Some Iwagumi Experience?

    I have a 30 gallon long sitting with no substrate, stock or anything in it and I was looking at some really nice Iwagumi style tanks. I want to set this tank up in this style using 7 stones of different sizes. More than likely I will build a custom lighting system for this tank, advice would...
  7. drobbyb

    Breeding Harlequin Rasboras

    I noticed my rasboras earlier displaying to each other, so I decided to watch. Sure enough, they are laying eggs in my red ludwiga, and I haven't done anything special... I've only had these fish a short time, and in that time my females grew plump, almost to the point where I was starting to...
  8. drobbyb

    Cfl's For Growing Plants

    So I figured I would try a new challenge for me: Plants, on the cheap. This of course leaves the question of lighting. The tank is 10 US gallons and I have made a light fixture using a double output standard screw in type adapter, a clamp lamp with the bell removed, and two 13 watt 6500k...
  9. drobbyb

    New Fish Today For My Planted Project

    Enjoy: And a short video:
  10. drobbyb

    Anyone Ever Kept These? I've never seen them for sale before.
  11. drobbyb


    I was thinking earlier today about how to teach someone how not to overfeed. So many new fish keepers overfeed their fish on a regular basis, and despite attempts to teach the proper way, they continue to do so to the detriment of their tank and stock. So, how would you teach a habitual...
  12. drobbyb

    Could I Use This For Co2?

    Hey all, I was at a thrift store the other day and ran across a full 33 ounce co2 bottle. Here are some pics: Could I use this for pressurized Co2?
  13. drobbyb

    Mikev, Opinion On Rainbows?

    Mike, Do you think the species of rainbow suitable for a 30 gallon long would be compatible with bolivian rams?
  14. drobbyb

    Tankless Fishless Cycling

    What do you guys think, is it possible to cycle filter media in a 5 gallon bucket using standard fishless cycling methods?
  15. drobbyb

    You Can Lead A Horse To Water....

    My buddy found a 10 gallon tank on the side of the road, so he decides he wants to set it up. He goes off to the fish store and talks to the employee there, and the employee, being a good salesman tells him about the bacteria in a bottle sitting on the shelf. Luckily my buddy and I talk fish...
  16. drobbyb

    Exrta Large Planted Tank Contest Video

    My buddy and I were browsing youtube and I happened across this video. Some really stunning tanks here. Video
  17. drobbyb

    New 120 Gallon!

    My mother in law called me while ago and offered me her 120 gallon tank and stand!! It's been sitting empty for about 3 years, so I will have to start from scratch, but it appears to be in good condition. Now I just have to buy filters, substrate, lights... lol One piece at a time as...
  18. drobbyb

    Dart Frogs

    Hi all! I have been a fish keeper for many years, but when we moved to our new home I had to get rid of all my fish since they weren't allowed. I have fleetingly thought of setting up a dart frog terrarium in the past, but nothing serious. Last week I took the family to the local zoo and they...
  19. drobbyb

    Plans For A New Tank

    Even though I have no idea when I will be able to set up a new tank, I kinda want to make plans for it. I was thinking a 30 long tank with AC 70 filter, black gravel, and M. kamaka stocking. I have found a source for these fish, and the seller usually has them up and breeding, so that's a...
  20. drobbyb

    Sad Day

    What a sad sad day it has been. My wife and I have to move due to being laid off (again.) The place we are moving to doesn't allow any pets, fish included. So I broke down the fish tank and took it to my LFS. The owner is a friend of mine and agreed to sell it on consignment.. He priced the...