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  1. the_lock_man

    Old fishkeepers never die.....

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I regularly perused this wonderful forum. I closed down my 34l tank several years ago, and condensed everything into the larger one.... and then the lights failed. These were custom-made LED lighting, made by a former moderator on here, and repairing them...
  2. the_lock_man

    How many forum members does it take to change a lightbulb?

    1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed. 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently. 7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs. 27 to point out spelling/grammar errors in...
  3. the_lock_man

    Don't Listen To My Own Advice

    Pah!   Over the years on this forum, I have advised countless people not to buy fish on impulse.   So there I was in one of my LFSs, and there was a crowntail in a tank full of dwarf gouramis, and it was just constantly hiding behind a large piece of bogwood.   So I bought it. He's quite happy now.
  4. the_lock_man

    Calling All Breeders

    I have 4 nice size polystyrene boxes with lids, would be ideal for transporting fish or inverts.   I don't want any money for them, but would like them gone ASAP, collection from my place of work in Portsmouth, UK.   I can send them to you if you want, but you would need to cover my courier...
  5. the_lock_man

    And This Is Why You Shouldn't Dump Unwanted Fish   We keep saying it, but I feel that people don't believe us.
  6. the_lock_man

    Go To Google Maps

    Zoom in on your home city   Click the Pacman icon at the bottom left.   Play Pacman around your local streets.   Do no work whatsoever today.
  7. the_lock_man

    Inspire Me

    Just found my Dwarf Gourami the wrong way up, so there is a vacancy in my tank. Can't think what to fill it with. The tank is 110l, currently populated with 6 Cardinal Tetra, 6 Pentazona Barbs, 7 Cherry Barbs and a gazillion Red Cherry Shrimp. Water is hard, Ph of 7.6. Give me some...
  8. the_lock_man

    Someone Id A Hillstream Loach, Please

      This. I'm thinking it's a sewellia lineolata but does anyone know any different?
  9. the_lock_man

    Oooooooohh, I Want One!   Takes me back, that does.
  10. the_lock_man

    So, Who's Now On A Diet?

  11. the_lock_man

    Joke Of The Day

    I am selling all my old John Lennon memorabilia online at the moment.   Imagine all the PayPal. It's Ebay if you try.
  12. the_lock_man

    Do You Want To Waste Some Time?   Jeepers, that's addictive.
  13. the_lock_man

    Great White Shark Attacks

    Stunning footage
  14. the_lock_man

    Well, That's A Surprise

    I just won an England footy shirt, signed by Roy Hodgson and 17 of the squad.
  15. the_lock_man


    Deserves a thread all of his own.   Please, everyone, post your appreciation of our best Philadelphia-based Moderator.   He's wonderful. 
  16. the_lock_man

    I Don't Think This Is Going To Work

  17. the_lock_man

    The Most Counter-Intuitive Result In Mathematics

    Now, I'd have thought that if you add all the integer numbers from 1 to infinity, then the answer would infinity.   But no, apparently, the answer is -1/12 (minus one-twelfth).   Bizarre, but here is the explanation.
  18. the_lock_man

    Fish Prevents Aeroplane From Taking Off

    Yes, folks you read that right.   Bizzare
  19. the_lock_man

    Does Anyone Play Hayday On Iphone Or Android?

    My community is called "Pompey Farmers" if anyone is interested. :)