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  1. FishFinatic77

    Notifications acting weird?

    For the past two days or so I've been having some issues with my notifications. When I first log in it tells me I have a certain amount of notifications (it was 5 today for example), but then when I click on it the number disappears, then changes to a different number (it was 3 today) and then...
  2. FishFinatic77

    Help! Pop Eye?

    I noticed my Honey Gourami's eyes look very buggy today, and I think he might have popeye. He also looks a bit bloated. He ate fine this morning, and seems to be able to swim normally too. Is he sick? What should I do to treat him? @Colin_T @Deanasue
  3. FishFinatic77

    Tall low light plants?

    I'm looking for a tall plant to fill out the back of my betta tank. The lighting is very low, so I need a plant that will tolerate those conditions. I don't use any CO2 in the tank, but I do put in some fertilizer. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. FishFinatic77

    Effect of Hard water on Soft water fish?

    I was wondering if there are any scientific studies about the effect of hard water on soft water fish? Are there any I can find online? I know that living in the wrong water is bad for fish, but I would love to read about what actually happens, in a scientific sense. Thanks!
  5. FishFinatic77

    Plant for driftwood tree?

    In my 20 gallon tank, I have a piece of driftwood that I stood up like a tree. I wanted to grow a plant over it, so I bought some Monte Carlo. But, my Honey Gourami has decided that Monte Carlo tastes delicious, and he has completely destroyed it. :S Is there another plant I can use instead...
  6. FishFinatic77

    Does anyone have experience with budgies?

    I really want to get a budgie, but I have never owned a bird (besides chickens), so I have lots of questions. Does anyone have any experience with budgies? @Colin_T, you keep birds, right? -Can I keep a single budgie, or do I need to get two? -How big does the enclosure have to be? Does it have...
  7. FishFinatic77

    I want to switch up my stocking, but not sure what's best.

    I have a 20 gallon high aquarium, currently stocked with 4 harlequin rasboras, 3 cherry barbs, 1 honey gourami, and 1 clown pleco. I would love to add a school of chili rasboras to the tank. Would a 20 gallon high be suitable? I'm going to have the chilis instead of one of the schools that I...
  8. FishFinatic77

    Help! My cherry barb is sick!

    I noticed that one of my cherry barbs is very fat. She was always pretty round, but she is exceptionally round now. I don't know exactly how long she has been this way, but I noticed it yesterday. This morning she seemed fine, but tonight she wouldn't eat. She seems to be breathing heavier than...
  9. FishFinatic77

    Is this sand safe?

    I want to put sand in my aquarium, and I want to make sure it's safe. I found this one, is it okay to put in my tank? @PheonixKingZ @essjay
  10. FishFinatic77

    What should I put underneath my tank?

    Do I have to put anything underneath my tank, like foam or something? Also, what would be the best way to prevent water from getting onto my aquarium stand? Is there something I can put over the wood that won't look ugly? Thanks!
  11. FishFinatic77

    How to make an ecosphere?

    I found some bladder snails on a piece of driftwood I bought from my LFS, and I couldn't bring myself to kill them. I don't want them in my tank either though, so I filled a little jar with tank water and put them in with some plants. I want to set up an ecosphere for them to live in. How...
  12. FishFinatic77

    How to clean salvinia?

    Can I dip salvinia into hydrogen peroxide? Will that kill the roots? I want to make sure I don't add any pathogens into my tank.
  13. FishFinatic77

    How to clean driftwood?

    I bought some driftwood at my lfs today, and I want to make sure it is clean before I put it in the tank. It was in one of their tanks, so it is soaked in their water. It is a very good lfs, and all their fish are healthy, but I don't want to risk introducing some sort of sickness into my...
  14. FishFinatic77

    Pothos in the tank?

    I've been growing a pothos plant in one of my filters for a few months, but it has gotten too big to be in there anymore. Can I just put the roots inside the aquarium? I have fish that like to nibble at plants, so is it okay if they eat at the pothos roots?
  15. FishFinatic77

    My filter is suddenly really loud

    I have an aqueon quiet flow 10 filter, which is suddenly really loud. It stopped working the other day, which has happened once before, so I took out the impeller and cleaned it. The filter started working again, but it was making a lot of noise. I thought maybe I put it together wrong, so I...
  16. FishFinatic77

    Can I change the ph?

    For the past 4 years, I've been using osmosis water in my aquariums because a person at my LFS told me my ph was too high (before I had even chosen fish). This was back before I knew not to trust the people at my LFS, so I switched from my normal water to osmosis. Now that I know more about...
  17. FishFinatic77

    I took some pictures today

    I took some pictures of my chickens today, and I thought I'd share. Enjoy!
  18. FishFinatic77

    Are mosquito larvae safe?

    I want to start feeding my fish live mosquito larvae, but I want to make sure they will be safe to put in the tanks. I would put out a bin with water and some grass clippings to attract the mosquitoes. We don't use any pesticides on the property. I would also wash the larvae before putting them...
  19. FishFinatic77

    Veggies For Pleco

    Does anyone know what vegetables are safe to feed plecos? I have been feeding him zucchini, but I want to give him some other things to eat as well. I know cucumbers and sweet potatoes are good for them to eat. What else?
  20. FishFinatic77

    Something Cute to Brighten Your Day!

    Just thought I'd share some photos of four new chicks I got yesterday. They are being raised by one of my chickens who was broody (which means that she wants to hatch eggs and raise chicks). Enjoy! Papaya Mango Bunny Cheeks And this is them with their adoptive mom Rocky.