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    Free Kribs - Northumberland & Tyneside

    Hi, I have loads of Kribs, blighters keep going at it. From 1" to 2" for most of them. They are free to anyone who wants them! Won't post but happy to drive a bit to get some space in my tank again. Iain
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    Co2 Refill - Tyneside Or Teeside

    Hi, Does anyone know a cheap place to get a CO2 fire extinguisher refilled anywhere between Berwick and Middlesbrough? So far I have been quoted £25 ex VAT to swap my 2kg extinguisher (6 months old) for a refilled old one and I could get a new one from Ebay for less! Thanks Iain
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    Juwel Lighting

    Hi all, I have problems with my Rio180 lighting bar. I have dremeled off the top and there was moisture inside at some point as a screw is corroded. However all the electronics are fine. The end fitting for the tube is burnt though, not the round cap that slides on the tube but the actual white...
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    L02 Tiger Plec

    Hi, I bought a LO2 tiger plec earlier today and introduced him to my mature cycled tank. Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Nitrate <5 pH 7 CO2 30ppm The LFS tank temp was about a degree higher and pH alledgedly was 7.6 but 9 by my calibrated meter. when I got home. I did the usual very slow change of...
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    My Tank

    Hi, Just wanted to post a pic of my recently acquired Rio180 (31 quid from ebay!) been keeping fish since the summer so very new to this. Moved filter media across from cycled AQ3 and tank holding steady for couple of weeks. Tetra plant substrate and a selection from greenline. Virually no...
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    125l Tank Stocking Recommendations

    Hi, I have just acquired a 125l tank which will replace my 52l tank as it has too many fish in it at the moment. The tank will be going to my brother and could take some existing stock (neons if needed) with it or they may go in the new tank. I am looking for suggestions for the new tank...
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    Baby Platty

    We have just spotted what I assume is a baby platty in my tank. I have plenty of plants for it to hide but what do I need to do food wise and for it's protection? It's about 3mm or so long at the moment and the tank has 4 platys, a betta, cronze cory, dwarf gourami and neons in it. The gourami...
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    Api Dry Tab Nitrate & Interpet Dry-tab Nitrate

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get API Dry Tab Nitrate & Interpet dry-tab nitrate from an online store in the UK. I can find loads of liquid test kits but no dry-tabs for these. Cheers Iain
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    Hi, I have a 49l tank stocked with 4 platys, 1 female betta, 1 pygmy cory (amazing little chap) 2 dwarf gouramis (males, bad news I know, one has already been away for a spell but I have him back again) Plus one other fish grows to 1.5" can't remember what it is at the moment! Do I have room...
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    Hi, Been fish in cycling for about 4-6 weeks and have had 0ppm for ammonia and nitrite for 4 days now, tested a couple of times a day. Does this mean it is 100% cycled now? No water changes for 3 days now after 2-3 times a day - Hurrah. Iain
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    Sad Looking Dwarf Gourami

    Hi, I have a dwarf gourami who is behaving strangely. I have a 49l tank with a few plants, 4 platys, 2 dwarf gourami and a female betta. I am fish-in cycling and all levels are below 0.25. One of the gourami is heading in the top corner of the tank between the glass and the filter. He looks ok...
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    Too Much Food

    Hi, I got home from work to find out my wife had dropped a whole tub of flakes accidentally into our 49l tank, I was not happy but it's our wedding anniversary so I just said "Oh dear never mind"! The tank is cycling with fish in (got here too late to find out about fishless). Been going for 3...
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    Hi From Morpeth, Uk

    Hi, Just saying hello as I'm new here, couple of posts elsewhere but no proper introduction. I'm from Morpeth in the UK. Currently I am cycling my first tank (with fish in - I know very bad but I found out too late). It's a 49l tank with a few plants and 4 platys. Cycling going well the highest...
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    Filters And Power Outage

    Hi, I'm getting my electricity meter replaced next week which will mean the power has to go off. How bad is this for a filter, I can plug it into a UPS so I think it will only be off for about 20-30mins. Thanks Iain
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    Fin Nipping

    Hi, Firstly hello as I'm new here. I have a question but having been browsing for some time I should firstly say I haven't done a fishless cycle :blush: I have a 49l tank which has been set up for a week with 3 plants and following interpets filterstart regime (which appears like it might have...