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    Dead Mystery Snail?

    Hi some people think this snail is ok, but it keeps floating and it is sucked all the way in its shell. Heres some picks, thxs
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    Dead Snail?

    Hi, I just bought a mystery snail 3 days ago, and the snail hasn't come out of it's shell since then. I don't know if it's dead, but it certaintly seems dead. It was floating up to the top of the tank this morning, and i alowerd it to lodge itself on to the gravel again, but it still hasn't...
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    Snail And Salt Treatment For Ich

    Hi, I have two goldfish who have contracted ich, and I have a small mystery snail, would it be able to withstand 2-3 tbs of salt per gallon of my tank to treat ich? Also my tank is 3o gallons thx
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    Guppy Swim Bladder Disease Treatment: Salt Bath

    My fancy guppy has sbd, and I have seperated him into a large brandy bowl:) Does salt help to treat sbd?
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    Are Female Betta Fish Compatible In A 30 Gallon Community Tank?

    Petsmart has a 1 dollar fish sale for bettas and assorted tetras, I was just wondering if a female betta would be compatible with a platy, 3 fancy guppies, a glow fish, and 2 neon tetras. Please let me know:)
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    One Dollar Sale At Petsmart

    Petsmarts nationwide are having a one dollar fish sale, on select tetras,such as jumbo neon tetras, red-blue tetras, glow light tetra, lamp eye tetra, long fin red minor tetra, red minor tetra, cardinal tetras, Otto catfish, an BETTAS; female only:) more details at
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    I Need Help, Is My Fish Pregnant?

    Please help, is this fish pregnant, if so why isn't it so fat, i've had it for 5 months now and the spot( gravid spot) has been visable for 2 weeks. Please help!!!!!!
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    Is My Mickey Mouse Platy Pregnant?

    Does anyone know if this platy is pregnant. It's been going to the bathroom frquently, and has a swollen abdomn, with a blackish red spot, may be the gravid spot. Can faintly see it in the picture, but in real life, it is a very dark red and black. I seperated it just incase, if it is pregnant...
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    Is My Gold Mickey Mouse Platy Pregnant?

    is this fish pregnant? If so what do i do, i want to keepthe babies! The abdomen is swollen, and I think it's a gravid spot, cant see vry well from the photo... I seperated the female just incase, also it has been going to the bathroom more frequently and longer thn usual.. if it's pregnant...