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    Fixing Juwel Light Bar.

    Excellent, do you have a part number, url I can go to, as I can't get the one I ordered to work! Cheers Iain
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    Fixing Juwel Light Bar.

    Really useful post, I have a small problem though. I have my replacement ballast which has 8 inputs like the ones pictured but I only have 3 wires in my light bar and the ballast is not enclosed, it is just a circuit board with the live and neutral and then 3 non identified connections at the...
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    The Best Fish Shops - North East England

    Heighley Gate in Morpeth is getting quite good. Some knowledgable staff can be found and some unusual fish recently. Marines have been excellent recently. Iain
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    The Python

    I use Seachem Prime and add a double dose before the fill, works well. Temp wise I generally fill with warm but when filling from teh cold tap I find that you just need to find out a suitable amount to replace without dropping the temp too much. The python makes it so easy that you can do less...
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    Ben's Kitchen Tank Project Log

    Lovely work, really looking forward to seing that with the tetra's in. Iain
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    Free Kribs - Northumberland & Tyneside

    Hi, I have loads of Kribs, blighters keep going at it. From 1" to 2" for most of them. They are free to anyone who wants them! Won't post but happy to drive a bit to get some space in my tank again. Iain
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    A Good Lfs In Teesside?

    Billingham Aquatics is indeed pretty good, they should be able to help you out. Iain
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    Co2 Refill - Tyneside Or Teeside

    Hi, Does anyone know a cheap place to get a CO2 fire extinguisher refilled anywhere between Berwick and Middlesbrough? So far I have been quoted £25 ex VAT to swap my 2kg extinguisher (6 months old) for a refilled old one and I could get a new one from Ebay for less! Thanks Iain
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    Api Kit

    I believe I know what you mean, I assume you want to save on reagent? If so then not really if you want and accurate reading as your eye will not assess the colour in the same way with the smaller volume although it probably will not be far off. Iain
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    New Baby Krib Pics

    Thanks, planning to keep a couple back how will they do if left with the current pair? Iain
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    New Baby Krib Pics

    Nice looking fish, I have about 40 fry growing fast myself. Any idea on what size they have to be to give them away? Anybody in the Northeast (UK) want some! Iain
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    Aids To Water Changes

    Another :good: for the python. I picked one one last time I was in the US and it is such a great bit of kit. I set the water temp running through it to tank temp suck out some water flick it over to flow some in, a quick squirt of Prime and the jobs done :) Iain
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    Juwel Aquarium Filter Media

    I got my white filter from ebay. few quid for 100's of pads which are already cut to size. The other filters I have not changed since new which is about 9 months. To be honest I have never rinsed the blue ones and everything is fine. I change 1 white one every fortnight and give the tank...
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    Decent Algae Treatments

    I do 4 hours on, then off for 2 and back on for 4 and that was working very well until the sun started comign through the window and hitting the tank. Had to draw the curtains to keep it in check. Iain
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    Baby Kribs Update

    Nice photos, just had my first load of baby kribs start swimming around. They are so cool they way they get shepherded around! Iain
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    Juwel Lighting

    Thanks, it's lovely hence the lack of cash, too much money spent on custom heatsinks and so forth ;) The light bar is in a sorry state but working. Superglue is doing the trick and the ballast electronics are sealed back in under a silconed on perspex lid, looks terrible :) Might as well take...
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    Juwel Lighting

    Can't see them at Maplin or RS, soldering iron no prob, sat here listening to music on my newly built amp :) It's an old unit, T5's, can't find quite the right fittings, obviously critical to get something waterproof. Some creative use of superglue has built up a support for the other side of...
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    Juwel Lighting

    Hi all, I have problems with my Rio180 lighting bar. I have dremeled off the top and there was moisture inside at some point as a screw is corroded. However all the electronics are fine. The end fitting for the tube is burnt though, not the round cap that slides on the tube but the actual white...
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    Seahorses Found In London's River!

    Used to love getting a plate of cockles, vinegar and black pepper :rolleyes: A few years since I have been down there there. The Thames is really clean these days, loads of Otters up the other end of it. Iain
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    Seahorses Found In London's River!

    Are the cockle sheds still down that way? always used to enjoy heading down that way when I was a kid. Iain