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  1. hexy

    Help identifying equipment

    Hello all, I've always had planted aquarium but picked up a used salt water set up recently and need some help identifying models for these parts of hardware, to understand what they are and if i'm missing any parts. thank you in advance! hey
  2. hexy

    Blue Rams

    Hello all I bought two blue rams today to go in my community tank I'd like to get them breeding and hope I have a pair Any help on sexing them is great and also breeding tips Tank set up 120 litre Heavily planted Mopani wood 35 neons small 20 albino zebra danio Few platies 3 small angels 1...
  3. hexy

    Rams - Help Identifying And Breeding

    Hello all I hope you can help me understand which breed of ram I have I hope to breed them and have set up a pair in a 40 litre tank alone though will get a group of 6 neon dither fish I know for sure one is a female with pink belly and wet protected of space but it keeps bullying the other...
  4. hexy

    Apistogramma Panduro Advise

    Hi All, I bought this fish recently and its having trouble settling into my tank. The tank is supposed to be a 'panduro only' one and I definitely have a male and female who are showing fantastic colours. However the below fish is bullied and despite having numerous hiding caves is always...
  5. hexy

    New Breeding Project Ideas

    Hi All, I am hopeful you could come up with a few ideas for a new fish for me to try breeding: I have a 20-30 litre tank (need to check the size) and would like another project of something that I could house purely for the purpose of breeding. I would prefer something that is easy, yet is...
  6. hexy

    Help Sexing Rams?

    Hi All, I recently purchased these rams from a new fish shop near me. Unfortunately the smaller which i thought was female that she caught has a bit of a nipped fin, but will be fine given time in my tank with just cardinals and ottos Please could people help sexing these, i believe they are...
  7. hexy

    Ideas On Fish To Add? 190 Tank

    Hi All, I have a 190l tank set up and wanted some ideas on some new tankmates to add. I have been going for a planted / bogwood style tank but would like maybe another shoal and also maybe something that is easy to breed and that looks after its fry. also a personality if possible Currently...
  8. hexy

    Apistogramma Cacatuoides

    Hi All, I wanted to share some photos of my new Apistogramma Cacatuoides that I will be housing in my community tank. I hope to breed them some wanted some input on them as firstly the male is massive - what type / colour of cacatuoide is this? Secondly I am unsure if one of my females may in...
  9. hexy

    Which Fert To Go With?

    Hi all, Have started a new planted tank and have DIY co2 running atm though plan on getting a proper system (still researching), and also have new juwel high-lite t5 bulbs running. My plants are as per below and wondered which fert to go with? heard you can get tablets? i have flora grow...
  10. hexy

    New To Planted Aquarium - 190 Tank

    Hi all. I have decided to re-start my tank and go for a planted aquarium. I have a 190 litre tank with flora base substrate currently though thinking of swapping this for a white sandy look in the form of unipac or similar. I have bought a number of started style plants such as vallis, java...
  11. hexy

    New To Co2... Help Please On Buying A Kit

    Hi all. I have decided to re-start my tank and go for a planted aquarium. I have a 190 litre tank with flora base substrate currently though thinking of swapping this for a white sandy look in the form of unipac or similar. I have bought a number of started style plants such as vallis, java...
  12. hexy

    Help On Attempt At 190 Litre Planted Aquarium

    Hi all, I am about to start up my fish tank again and would like to go ahead and get a really beautiful planted tank. I have tried before using yeast co2 but didnt have much luck apart from the vallis plants Please could you help on what plants to go for and also if co2 using yeast can be done...
  13. hexy

    Which Plants Are These?

    Please could I have some help in identifying these plants? I believe first is Amazon Sword??? Plant 1 Plant 2 Thank you!
  14. hexy

    Breeding Apistogrammas

    Does anyone have experience in doing so? I have a 60 litre tank set up with cactuoides with one male and supposedly two females (one is for sure!) Female 1 has made base in a cave and rarely leaves the cave, the male is acting suspiciously outside of it from time to time, however earlier I...
  15. hexy

    Help Sexing Apistogramma?

    Hi All, I have a trio of apistogramma cacatuoides in a tank hoping to breed them but have recently come across the phrase sneaker male (pretend female) and wondered if I may have one in my tank as have had no luck breeding so far: Below are pictures of the 3 fish: Female: Male Sneaker...
  16. hexy

    Which Food For Apisotgrammas?

    Hi All, I can't remember where I last bought my big bag of granule food for my apistogramma's and wondered where people buy from and which brands / food they buy for apistogrammas? thanks hexy
  17. hexy

    Apistogramma Tank Only...

    Hey!! I am looking to turn my 190 litre tank into a focus on Apistogramma's and mainly Cacatuoides / Cockatoos. Has anyone experience in keeping a number, and what recommended number, in a large tank, and successfully bred them? I am worried I will not see any fry grow up if too many in there...
  18. hexy

    Honey Gourami - Colouration

    Hi all, I have a couple of honey gouramis and was hoping someone could shed some light on these? I have had them for maybe 4 months now and both were similar in size when I got them from my LFS. One is now much larger than the other and over the last few days as developed a browish (with hint...
  19. hexy

    New To Saltwater!

    Hi all, I just wanted to say I am new to marine and would like some advice :) I finally bought a tank the other day, off eBay actually to start my adventure. It is a fish pod 64 tank and came with live rock and simple internal filter (I have been told I must go external?) and skimmer, and...
  20. hexy

    Apistogramma Apisto

    Hello, I am looking to purchase some apistogramma's. Preferably looking for female cacatuoides or bitaeniata. I am based in Sunningdale, Berkshire, near Ascot , Staines, Camberley. And borders Surrey. If anyone knows of any / has any please let me know Thanks hexy