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  1. PandorasPool

    Mixing Shrimp?

    Hi, haven't posted for a while on the Forum. I have a question if anyone can answer please. I have 4 Red Cherry Shrimp in my tank and a baby one that we found in the bag when purchasing. I was just wondering if I can put Ghost Shrimp in the tank with my Red Cherry ones? Unsure if i can mix the...
  2. PandorasPool

    Tetra Behaviour

    Hi all, I have 6 Glowlight and 6 Black Neon in my tank. Is it normal behaviour for the Glowlight to chase each other around the tank and also my biggest Black Neon is staying in one part of the tank and is chasing any fish off that comes into that area. The Glowlights didn't even eat at feeding...
  3. PandorasPool

    Suggestions For Bottom Feeder?

    Hi, does anyone have any suggestions on which Bottom Feeders to buy for my tank please? Tank is 100L, Sand Substrate, PH 7.2 Hard Water, got 2 Java Fern on Bogwood, stocked with 6 Glowlight Tetras and 6 Black Neon Tetras. Will also be stocking some Endlers soon too. Any help would be...
  4. PandorasPool

    The Results Of All Your Advice

    I just want to say thank you to everyone for all your advice on setting up our new tank. I have attached a photo of the finished result with first stocking of fish today. 6 Glowlight Tetra and 6 Black Neon Tetra. This is the first time I have posted a photo so I hope you can all see it
  5. PandorasPool


    My tank is 100L and I am currently using an 80-150 litre internal filter. The Fluval U3 to be precise. I am thinking of changing this to an external filter and can't decide between the Fluval 206 or an Ehiem filter. Which would be the better filter for my tank, and is it OK to over filtrate my...
  6. PandorasPool

    New Tropical Tank Set Up

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this Forum and new to keeping Tropical Fish although not new to fish keeping. I've just recently set up my 100L tank (2 weeks ago) and thinking of having Java Fern, Java Moss and Anubius plants in my tank. Can anyone advise me on which Liquid Fertiliser to feed them...