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  1. betta fish

    Golden WCMM breeding with normals?

    Today I purchased 3 Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows, I already have 3 of the normal variety, 2 females that are heavy with eggs and one male, they were outside for the best part of the summer in an 80L tub but never bred. I have now moved them indoors for the winter in an unheated tank but...
  2. betta fish

    New Plants Id

    Bought these two new plants today, I am pretty sure the first is a crypt of some sort and the second a sword but just not sure what type, any help appreciated thank you     
  3. betta fish

    Bought My First Dwarf!

    Got this guy on Monday never owned one before but I adore the colour, he was the brightest fish in the tank and has really brightened up my tank that is mainly grey or darker fish, I hope I can keep him for some time, slightly worrying reading all this about dwarf gourami disease is there an...
  4. betta fish

    Baby Bettas And Angelfish Aylesford Kent 50P Each

    Livestock: Angel Fish and betta fish  Age and condition: 3 months healthy Quantity for sale: roughly 10 of each Reason for Sale: Young looking for new homes Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: 50p each Willing to Ship (Yes or No): No Postage & Packaging Price: N/A General...
  5. betta fish

    2 X Assassin Snails Aylesford Kent £3 Posted

    Livestock/Equipment make-model-size/Wanted/Exchange/Plants: 2 x Assassin Snails Age and condition: Adult, healthy. Quantity for sale:2 Reason for Sale:Their services are no longer needed. Delivery or Collection:Either. Sales price:£3 Willing to Ship (Yes or No):Yes Postage & Packaging...
  6. betta fish

    Warning! Severe Reaction To Freeze Dried Bloodworm.

    Just thought I'd warn others out there who may have allergies as I do to never powder freeze dried bloodworm, I did yesterday and nearly had to go to hospital as I struggled to breathe. I had heard ages ago about bloodworm allergies but it never dawned on me how severe it could be as I had never...
  7. betta fish

    My New Boy :)

    Went into my local Pets at Home this weekend just for some hamster food when I noticed this guy I didn't buy him but planned a repeat trip on Monday and thought if he is still there I will, and he was so I bought him home, I still haven't named him, any ideas? 
  8. betta fish

    Free Bettas To A Good Home Ashford Kent.

    Livestock: 6 Betta Fish Age and condition: approx 1 year healthy Quantity for sale:Approx 6 Reason for Sale:Moving house Delivery or Collection:Collection only Sales price:Free Willing to Ship (Yes or No):No Postage & Packaging Price:No postage General Location Ashford in Kent Photograph:   The...
  9. betta fish

    Tips On Safely Moving 200L Tank

    Hello all, I will be moving house in a month or so and starting to stress about how to move my 200L tank with the least disturbance. The tank is an aquael length 100cm width 40cm height 50cm. It is a planted tank with around two inches of gravel/sand substrate on its base I also have various...
  10. betta fish

    Gah! Female Mollies Turning Into Male!

    I purchased 4 mollies a few weeks back that I believed were female, not sure of their age but they looked big enough in the shop at 1" plus to not be too young to be able to tell, or so I thought! they all started off with the fan shaped fin that denotes female but now one black molly has an...
  11. betta fish

    Meet Arnie!

    Got this new boy today, just your run of the mill veiltail but really liked the violet sheen he had to him so decided to bring him home   he has settled in nicely and his colour is even more intense now, the pics are him after he was just released into his new home, he will be having some...
  12. betta fish

    Giant Vallis & Sagittaria £5 Posted Only One Lot!

    Plants: Giant Vallis & Sagittaria Age and condition:As per Photo. Quantity for sale:As per photo. Reason for Sale:Thinning tank out. Delivery or Collection:Either. Sales price:£5 Willing to Ship (Yes or No):Yes. Postage & Packaging Price:Inc in sales price. Location: Ashford Kent. Photograph:  ...
  13. betta fish

    My New Angels :)

    Got these two yesterday, may get more but need to set up a larger tank first! Anyone know what strain they are?
  14. betta fish

    What Plant Has Needle Like Green And Pink Leaves?

    Hi all, I purchased this lovely plant in my lfs yesterday but not quite sure on the ID of it as they did not have any labels on, anyone know what it is?
  15. betta fish

    Giant Vallis- 5 Plants, Ashford Kent.

    Plants: Giant vallis Age and condition:As per Photo. Quantity for sale:As per photo. Reason for Sale:Thinning tank out. Delivery or Collection:Either. Sales price:£5 Willing to Ship (Yes or No):Yes. Postage & Packaging Price:Inc in sales price. Location: Ashford Kent. Photograph: Leaves will be...
  16. betta fish

    Grey Kribensis?

    Anyone else's male Kribensis do this? he turns a solid grey/blue colour every now and then and then resumes normal colouration, although he has been doing this a lot more lately, he has a female with him( she's on the right ) and they regularly spawn so not sure if it some type of breeding...
  17. betta fish

    Duckweed & Water Lettuce £3 Posted, Ashford, Kent.

    Plants: Duckweed & Water Lettuce Age and condition: Young Healthy Plants. Quantity for sale: Chinese Tub full as per photo ( tub is 17cm long and 10cm wide ) I have two tubs available, if you want both I can do them for £5, they will be sent flat packed in a padded envelope via first class...
  18. betta fish

    Blue Ramshorn Snails Ashford Kent.

    Livestock: Blue ramshorn snails currently around 5-10mm. Age and condition :Young a few months old. Quantity for sale: A few. Reason for Sale: Need to make room. Delivery or Collection: Either. Sales price: £5 for 3 which inc secure first class postage in a petri dish with moist paper and...
  19. betta fish

    Large Portion Of Duckweed £2 Which Inc P&p! Ashford Kent.

    Age and condition: healthy green duckweed Quantity for sale: enough to cover an A4 sheet of paper when spread out. Reason for Sale: I have too much! Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £2 which inc first class large letter post. Willing to Ship (Yes or No): Yes Location: Ashford Kent...
  20. betta fish

    My New Kribs :)

    Bought this pair yesterday and within less than an hour of being placed into the tank they were in spawning mode! they were together in the tank in the shop so I could see they had paired they are so far trying to decide on the pvc cave or the coconut one lol, really nice fish, I have never...