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    Flowering Pots In Betta Tank

    Recently I had a flowering pot that was outside and got knocked over by the wind and is now broken. I wanted to put this in my betta's tank as some hiding spots and some cool decorations for her. It has had soil in it, but none with fertilizer that I know of.    How can I clean this to make sure...
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    Mysterious Deaths...

    So over the past 3 weeks i have had two guppies die. One was male, the other female. I haven't added anything new and the tank is cycled and has no out of the ordinary spikes in readings.  Any ideas? They are probably 6-8 months old, both at breeding age.  The male I saw the day before looking a...
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    Growing My Own Mosquitoes...

    So I would like to feed my fish some mosquito larvae, but I am worried about chemicals. I would just place a bucket of declorinated water outside and wait for like a week. But what happens if they spray for mosquitoes? I know it doesn't kill every single one, but if it did get sprayed and my...
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    10 Gallon Hospital Tank Almost Done!

    I am almost done cycling my new 10 gallon tank. I plan on getting more neons and a platy to add in my 38 gallon aquarium. I can't wait to get them. Water change here I come! (I can't get the nitrite level photo to load, but I am in between the .25 and the .50.
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    Red Cherry Shrimp Not Breeding

    I have five red cherry shrimp, two males and three females. I have had these guys for 2-3 months. I have never seen a female carry any eggs. I see them all the time, so I am not sure whats up.   Any suggestions? 
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    Looking For Algae Eating Snail

    I have an algae problem. My tank is in direct sunlight sometimes and algae just grows like crazy! I have two tanks, a 7 gallon tank with a female betta and some live plants and a 38 gallon with guppies and neon tetras. I would like to get a snail to help out. I don't want one that will be able...
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    Fry Control

    So I have guppies, and they are starting to drop large amounts of fry. They started breeding about two months ago and now the batches are pretty big. I know it may seem mean, but I do need a fish that can help control the population. I have guppies and neon tetras. I have tried selling some but...
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    How To Make A Sponge Filter

    Hey guys, so I was wondering if any of you knew how to make a sponge filter? 
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    So while checking out my tank before lights out i saw what appears to be three eggs on my sword plant. The person i got the plants from had snails, but i removed any and looked for eggs but only saw two small snails. Anyways, they just barely appeared. Any idea what they could be, the only egg...
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    Cherry Shrimp And Ghost Shrimp

    I was wondering if ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp can live in the same tank? I have five small cherry shrimp and would like to add more shrimp if they don't get much larger. 
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    First Test Kits And Results

    So I finally got my own test kit.  Wow, hurting my pocket.  But it seems worth it, so I would like some help to make sure everything is alright. PH 7.6 Ammonia 0-.25ppm  (it was an in between color) Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 40ppm   I have guppies and neon tetras.  I recently added 5 small cherry...
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    My Female Betta Rose

    I have a fairly young female Betta, and today was the first day that she actually flared! I am super excited, she loves the new plants I put in and is getting more later today. She has done really well and her colors are coming out nicely. The first photo is the best picture I could get of her...
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    Are Snails Good For Your Tank?

    So I recently bought some plants from another tank owner and he had some snails. Are the snails good to have? Or should I get rid of any snails that I see?  I also bought some red cherry shrimp, I have a fairly aggressive fish, a white skirt tetra.  She has nipped at them a few times, but could...
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    New Plants And Shrimp, Help!

    So am I ok to add the plants right into my tank? i have about 10 new ones to put in, I already have one live plant. They are low light plants and did really well in the previous owners tank.  I also got 5 cherry shrimp, I am treating them just like new fish. Am I ok to just put them in? I didn't...
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    Plant And Shrimp Help!

    I am getting some live plants today from someone who was just selling them from their aquarium.  They are also selling cherry  shrimp. I would love to get the shrimp too because my lps doesn't sell them.  Are they ok just to be put in my main tank strait away? Same thing with my plants.
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    Neon Tetra Courting?

    Do neon tetras court before they breed? I have had them breed once, but I only saw the eggs drop on my plant.     I have one female and two males, the female has been fat with eggs for a week or so and I have been waiting for her to drop them.  One male is staying with her and keeps on bumping...
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    About 2 weeks ago 2 of my female guppies gave birth.  I only have young guppies and they are finally at breeding age!  Today right before cleaning the tank and replacing evaporated water I saw some weird movement.  Then I saw a guppy fry! After cleaning I saw another one! So it is possible to...
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    Kinds Of Fish Can I Have?

    My tank is 40 US Gallons  it is 3x1x1.5 (LxWxH  in feet) There are guppies, neon tetras and a white skirt tetra. I think I might rehome the white skirt and all of the guppies but 8 of them (about 20 guppies). I also want to get 3 new neons to help the old ones school.    Can I have: Pleco (if so...
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    Water Testing Kit?

    So I am going to the petstore probably sometime this week.  What kind of kit do I need and what are a few names of the good ones that really work? 
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    What Should I Do Next?

    Tank size: 40 US Gallon or 151 liters   I want to sell some of the guppies that are currently in my tank. What do you guys think is a fair price for them? They are just about breeding size, the largest have had babies once and are about 1 1/2 weeks along. But I will probably keep those females...