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  1. flix_cw

    Aquasoil (Maidenhead Aquatics) - any experience? My fish have all died.

    I have a new 620T 130L tank and 5 days ago moved all my plants, fish and established Eheim 2213 filter across to it from my old 56L tank. I decided to have a base of Aquasoil from Maidenhead Aquatics capped by my old gravel to benefit plant growth...
  2. flix_cw

    Fish dropping like flies - water tests all normal. AquaSoil issue?

    Any help please: I recently moved house (and my fish) 4 days ago, and in the last 12hours I've lost 4 fish (glowlight tetras and harlequin rasbora) and my dwarf gourami is looking vv sick. I had a very established 7yr old heavily planted 56L tank prior to the move, i now have a 130L tank. The...
  3. flix_cw

    Number Of Dead Red Cherry Shrimp

    Hi I have an established 2 year old 56L tank, heavily planted. I have ~100 cherry shrimp in there along with a dwarf gourami pair, some harlequin rasbora and some kuhli loaches. I have just noticed a good 4 or 5 dead cherry shrimp. Never have I seen more than one dead to be honest, and even...
  4. flix_cw

    Want To Get My Dwarf Male A Companion

    I've had my male dwarf gourami about a year now, and have room for another. I have a 60cm long, 15g tank which I'm aware is big enough for a couple. I was thinking of getting him a female, but just want to double check it would work out. Ideally i should get a couple of females, right? It's...
  5. flix_cw

    Amazon Sword, Crypt Wendtii 'mi Oya', Java Fern

    Quantity for sale: 1 amazon sword rosette (SOLD), 10 crypt wendtii plantlets (SOLD) and 4 java fern plantlets (SOLD) Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £4 for the amazon sword; £1 for each crypt plantlet; £2 for each java plantlet (will offer some sort of discount for multiple...
  6. flix_cw

    Java Fern

    Quantity for sale: 2 or 3 rhizomes for sale each with 3-4 good sized leaves Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £3 Postage & Packaging: Free Location: Camden Town All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM. Communications may only be taken to PM...
  7. flix_cw

    Moving Home

    I'm moving home in 3 weeks, and currently have a very established 2ft tank, heavily planted. It is currently home to a school of harlequins, a school of kuhlis, a dwarf gourami, and 100+ cherry shrimp. The move is only about a 20min drive away, so I was thinking this (please tell me if the...
  8. flix_cw

    Rescued A Very Wobbly Danio

    A friend of mine had a poorly danio but no hospital tank, so i rescued it this weekend. It's currently in a temporary home, and i'm giving it twice daily, very strong 5min salt baths. I had a danio with this problem in the past and it solved it nicely. However, it's been two days now and no...
  9. flix_cw

    1X Bunch Cryptocoryne Wendtii "mi Oya" Plantlets

    Quantity for sale: One bunch of cryptocoryne wendtii "Mi Oya" plantlets, enough to start a nice sized rosette. Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £3 Postage & Packaging: Free Location: (Also please put this in the Topic Descripton line of the thread title) Photograph: Basically like...
  10. flix_cw

    Dwarf Gourami Behaviour

    I've had a single male dwarf gourami for 2 weeks now, and he's settling in ok - feeding well, looking healthy. It's a densely planted 15g with a shoal of harlequin rasboras and a shoal of kuhli loaches. Most of the time his behaviour is normal, cruising around, pecking at things (especially...
  11. flix_cw

    Nymphaea Lotus Issue

    I found my lotus this morning floating on the surface. It has been fantastically healthy in my tank and i've thoroughly enjoyed it. However, the whole plant with all it's stems was floating, minus the bulb. This surely suggests the bulb has died? I've read in PFK that they need a 'rest' every 6...
  12. flix_cw

    Cherry Shrimps In Canister Filter

    Whenever i give my filter a clean, it always turns into a mammoth task since there are always so many cherries that need catching. I've tried to solve the problem at source as much as possible by putting a fine mesh over my filter inlet, but babies will obviously slip through the net...
  13. flix_cw

    Best Way To 'clean' A Canister Filter?

    I try my best to give my eheim 2213 a clean out every 4-6 weeks or so, but often leave it longer because it seems like such a big job. There must be a more efficient way of doing it that i haven't clocked. It essentially involves me hauling out the bucket, and removing each layer and cleaning...
  14. flix_cw

    Hygrophila Polysperma 'rosanervig' ~10 Stems

    Livestock/Plants: Hygrophila polysperma 'rosanervig' Age and condition: had for about a year, never really took off in my new tank which has lower light. Grew like crazy in my previous tank. Currently not displaying much of the pink colour but has done in the past. Stems are around 15cm long...
  15. flix_cw

    Anyone Heard Of Fishbase? What a useful database. Great for finding out about a fish's distribution and natural habitat.
  16. flix_cw

    Moss Ball X1

    Livestock/Plants: One moss ball/Cladophora aegagropila Age and condition: Quantity for sale: between golf and tennis ball size Reason for Sale: no longer needed Delivery or Collection: both Sales price: £3.50 Postage & Packaging: free! Location: Camden Photograph...
  17. flix_cw

    Dwarf Gourami And Water Current

    I'm considering getting a dwarf gourami for my (densely) planted 15g, but i have a decent current in it. Thinking about their natural habitat in relatively still waters, will a DG get stressed with a good flow? As with any tank, there are patches of lesser flow, will it just end up staying put...
  18. flix_cw

    Anyone Tried The Tetranatura Mix Foods?

    Tried a sachet out this evening when i got home. Just made an absolute MESS in my tank and the fish weren't particularly interested! Just came out in lumpy bits of gunk and then dispersed into the water. Yuck.
  19. flix_cw

    Java Fern Plantlet And Xmas Moss Clump

    Quantity for sale: 1 decent-sized java fern plantlet (about the size of two fists) and a handful of xmas moss Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: Free Postage & Packaging: Enough to cover the cost of P&P Location: Camden Town, London Photograph: To follow! Needed a clear out but hate...
  20. flix_cw

    Chain Loaches And Assassin Snail Compatability

    I've got my heart set on a small group of chain loaches/pygmy botia as a playful bottom dweller for my tank. However, i also have a few assassin snails dotted about and am wondering if they'll end up as a snack?