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  1. LoachLover

    Whats Up With These Glofish®?

    I apologize for discussing dogs instead of fish, but inbreeding in dogs is more documented than with fish. There are many people who are breeding working dogs that refuse to participate or register their dogs with the AKC. Many of the working, sporting, and herding breeds like Siberian...
  2. LoachLover

    Loach Identfication

    Well I suppose surprises can be fun ;). Either way they're beautiful loaches, and I'm happy to have them. I'll hopefully post some better quality pictures soon.
  3. LoachLover

    Lookin For A Loach!

    Loaches don't like salt because they're a scaleless fish. If the Clown Loach is too large for your needs, I would suggest yoyo loaches. They have similar personalities to the clown loaches, are usually fairly easy to find, but don't get quite as big as the clown loaches. Most loaches...
  4. LoachLover

    Whats Up With These Glofish®?

    It seems bettas have been weakened in many cases as well. People are also seeing this a lot in purebred dog breeds. In the sake of "standard" they are sacrificing health and creating all kinds of genetic related problems.
  5. LoachLover

    Loach Identfication

    I could be wrong, but from my experience Botia almorhae tend to have a more "random" look to their pattern.
  6. LoachLover

    Loach Identfication

    I was at one of my nicer fish stores the other day, and was looking to pick up a couple new loaches. They had several they were selling as "Burmese Border Loaches", and I ended up buying three of them. What I find confusing is that they don't look like the Botia kubotai that I normally see...
  7. LoachLover

    Not Sure I Want Fish Anymore

    We should just start a new forum for bacteria keepers ;)
  8. LoachLover

    Tropical To Salty

    Are you're considering reef, or just saltwater fish?
  9. LoachLover

    Bad Egg Smell

    The tank looks very nice. I like your choice of rocks.
  10. LoachLover

    Guppy Looks Bloated

    Looks like a male to me...
  11. LoachLover

    Black Skirt Tetra Aggression

    Well if you follow the rule of one inch of fish per gallon, and assuming the tetras will average two inches, you'd be at about twelve inches. Add in a six inch Chinese and you'd end up at eighteen inches of fish in a ten gallon tank. If you have live plants in the tank it would help balance...
  12. LoachLover

    Just Had To Show Off My Golden Tetra

    Very nice looking tetras. Love the last picture :)
  13. LoachLover

    Whats Up With These Glofish®?

    I don't actually have a problem with it, but I don't like how fake they look, so I would never buy them.
  14. LoachLover

    Kuhli Substrate Suitability?

    Mine always liked to burrow under different things. I also never had an issue with them uprooting or harming plants.
  15. LoachLover

    Khuli Loaches

    They tend to bury themselves under rocks and other decor, and they enjoy nosing around through sand quite a bit. So while I believe they can be kept on smooth gravel, I believe they prefer the sand. As to why the fish died, it is sometimes difficult to pin down a reason. If your water levels...
  16. LoachLover

    Another ...........

    I only have one at the moment, but working at a fish store I do get my fix there to a certain extent.
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    I would suggest putting it in a large rubber container or a large cooler to soak if you want to use your tub anytime soon. Soaking time can really vary so it could take awhile. The first pieces I soaked took a couple of months to finally sink, and yes they were weighted down.
  18. LoachLover

    Ph Level Advice

    Really? I always thought you wanted to shoot for something closer to 6.8. Clearly I have a lot to learn. It is better to have a stable PH that's a bit wrong, than one that's fluctuating though, I assume? That's how I always felt but maybe I'm wrong in that as well haha.
  19. LoachLover

    Ph Level Advice

    A friend of mine is setting up a new tank, and is just starting to cycle. When she tested the water in the tank, it was showing her PH levels to be around 7.6. So I had her test her tap to see what it was, and not surprisingly it also was 7.6. I've never really had to deal with water with a...
  20. LoachLover

    Cloudy Water

    Alright, thanks for the advice :)