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  1. lazarusthefishboy10

    My Electric Blue Acara is acting up weirdly... HELP!!!

    Sadly I just came home from school to see it dead. I think that was the case, so best to have more hiding places if I two or more. Thanks for the help guys! The tank is 20 gallons tall. All the other fish have not been picking on it besides the other acara, and I'll test the water tomorrow so I...
  2. lazarusthefishboy10

    My Electric Blue Acara is acting up weirdly... HELP!!!

    Hi everyone. I recently got an electric blue accra, two actually, but one of them keeps hanging at the top in a weird stance shown in the pictures! I checked the water parameters and the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate etc. and it's all fine. I have entirely peaceful fish in the tank with it, so if...
  3. lazarusthefishboy10

    Can you Keep Goldfish + Plants TOGETHER???

    Ever wondered if goldfish can live with ANY live plants at all? Well I explain everything you need to know in this video! Enjoy!
  4. lazarusthefishboy10

    How To Feed Fish Cucumber...

    So that it will sink straight to the bottom. Whereas if you put a straight-up piece of cucumber then it will just float and won't sink. ;)
  5. lazarusthefishboy10

    How To Feed Fish Cucumber...

    Ahhh... thank you so much mate! Means a lot to me! Yeah, glad you liked it, and thank you for watching! Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend! :good:
  6. lazarusthefishboy10

    How To Feed Fish Cucumber...

    Enjoy the video! :)
  7. lazarusthefishboy10

    Tank mates for Honey Gouramis???

    Thank you for your very kind words, mate... :)
  8. lazarusthefishboy10

    Hello From Southern Indiana.

    Welcome to the forum, Mike! Happy to see people here from all around. Hope you have lots of fun on this forum, and it would be great to enter the monthly competitions that are held! Have a fantastic night, mate! Regards from Australia! :thumbs:
  9. lazarusthefishboy10

    What Are The Best Schoolers?

    Top 5 Best Schooling Fish For Your Aquarium:
  10. lazarusthefishboy10

    90L Tank Update

  11. lazarusthefishboy10

    VOTE NOW!..October 2020 Tank of the Month contest (17-30 US gallons)

    This is my legendary 90L (25 gallon) aquarium cubed. Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 45cm Plants: - Anubias - Moss - Marimo Moss Ball - Unknown plant whose growth has exploded Fish: - 1 Pearl Gourami - 1 Lab Cichlid - 1 YoYo Loach - 4 Cory cats - 1 female swordtail - 1 Zebra danio - 2 female guppies - 2...
  12. lazarusthefishboy10

    I NEED HELP!!!

    Thank you all for your help! Means so much!!! I won't take the risk and won't add the coral. Plus I have a lot of tetras that love that lower pH. Cheers, Lazarus :)
  13. lazarusthefishboy10

    I NEED HELP!!!

    So, I have a piece of coral lying around that we found on the beach years a go. It's just been sitting on the deck, all dried up. If I rinse it down, will it be safe to put in my freshwater aquarium? And I was told coral is meant to keep the water nice and steadily hard. Is that true? And will...
  14. lazarusthefishboy10

    How To Keep Fish & Shrimp Together!!!

    Learn how YOU can keep Shrimp and fish in the same tank without them eating each other...
  15. lazarusthefishboy10

    Black beard algae on new anubias plants.

    Yes, that has happened to me as well in my 90L tank. It's been there for ages. When I go to the pet store after lockdown, I'm straightaway gonna buy a treatment! ;)
  16. lazarusthefishboy10

    My 29 gallon is finally cycles and stocked!

    YAYYYY!!! It looks AMAZING! The betta is gorgeous! Good luck!!! :)
  17. lazarusthefishboy10

    20 Gallon coming soon

    Niceeee! Can't wait to see how it turns out in the end! :thumbs:
  18. lazarusthefishboy10

    The Difference Between Neon & Cardinal Tetras???

    Are you having trouble deciding wether you should Cardinal or Neon Tetras? Well this video will tell you everything you need to know so you can decide which one suits YOUR aquarium best! Enjoy! And please let me know what you think! Have an awesome day, fishkeepers!!! :)
  19. lazarusthefishboy10

    Tank mates for Honey Gouramis???

    Thanks so much Ellie!!! :)
  20. lazarusthefishboy10

    Tank mates for Honey Gouramis???

    Howdy guys!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Today I want to share with you my 10 favourite tank mates for the one and only... HONEY GOURAMI!!! And please let me know what you think!!! THANKS!!! :P