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  1. lazarusthefishboy10

    My Electric Blue Acara is acting up weirdly... HELP!!!

    Hi everyone. I recently got an electric blue accra, two actually, but one of them keeps hanging at the top in a weird stance shown in the pictures! I checked the water parameters and the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate etc. and it's all fine. I have entirely peaceful fish in the tank with it, so if...
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    Can you Keep Goldfish + Plants TOGETHER???

    Ever wondered if goldfish can live with ANY live plants at all? Well I explain everything you need to know in this video! Enjoy!
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    How To Feed Fish Cucumber...

    Enjoy the video! :)
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    What Are The Best Schoolers?

    Top 5 Best Schooling Fish For Your Aquarium:
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    90L Tank Update

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    I NEED HELP!!!

    So, I have a piece of coral lying around that we found on the beach years a go. It's just been sitting on the deck, all dried up. If I rinse it down, will it be safe to put in my freshwater aquarium? And I was told coral is meant to keep the water nice and steadily hard. Is that true? And will...
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    How To Keep Fish & Shrimp Together!!!

    Learn how YOU can keep Shrimp and fish in the same tank without them eating each other...
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    The Difference Between Neon & Cardinal Tetras???

    Are you having trouble deciding wether you should Cardinal or Neon Tetras? Well this video will tell you everything you need to know so you can decide which one suits YOUR aquarium best! Enjoy! And please let me know what you think! Have an awesome day, fishkeepers!!! :)
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    Tank mates for Honey Gouramis???

    Howdy guys!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Today I want to share with you my 10 favourite tank mates for the one and only... HONEY GOURAMI!!! And please let me know what you think!!! THANKS!!! :P
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    Pearl Weed

    Hi guys! I was just wondering if anyone who has pearl weed ships it to Australia! I would really love some! Or a link to a website that will ship em' to Australia would be fantastic! I just want to make a carpet of it in my lowlight aquarium, but I can't find some ANYWHERE on the internet that...
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    Awesome Aquarium Light - REVIEW

    G'day guys! Do you want to get a cheap aquarium light that will bring maximum growth out of your aquarium plants? Then this is the perfect video for you!!! ;)
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    Do you want to care AND breed AND raise swordtail fry fast?!! Then this is the perfect 3-in-1 video for YOU!
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    Hmm... the first game idea was blown. It was a pretty stupid idea, I realised. So I cam up with a new one! Someone describes the appearance or personality of a fish in 3 WORDS then the next person to see has a go at guessing what fish is being described. Then the person that made that...
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    True or False?

    Hi guys! I thought why don't we start a new game, but a bit different. I say something about fish and you say true or false. Then, once someone has guessed the most recent true or false question, the next person (whoever sees an empty spot next) gets to make a new true or false. It can be as...
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    Video How to keep a successful planted aquarium - 5 PRO TIPS!!!

    G'day tropical Fish Forum! How's it going? It's Lazarus. i know i haven't been on this fish forum lately, that's because I've been very busy with school work, fish maintenance etc. Just wanted to share with you a video I made yesterday, to do with keeping successful planted aquariums (more...
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    I just set up an 80L aquarium. I did a walstad method planted tank, and the tannins from the organic potting soil are turning the water browny-yellow and is lowering the ph. Please help me? How do I get rid of the tannins without removing the soil? PLEASE HELP!!!
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    Hi everyone! Just got a new tank: 60cmx30cmx45cm What do you think? Hope you enjoy the video! And have an amazing day!!! BTW I would appreciate any feedback! ;)
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    My Swordtail Gave Birth!!!

    Hi all! Just wanted to announce to you that my female pregnant swordtail FINALLY gave birth to a bunch of fry! I estimate 20. She gave birth naturally in my 90 litre aquarium while i was asleep, woke up this morning, and found these little fry darting around the tank! Since there are danios and...
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    My new breeding project!!!

    Hey everyone. as you know, I posted a thread yesterday saying i was getting some rams. I took your advice and instead of putting them in my 90 litre aquarium, i put them in my 5 gallon. And they are doing fantastic and are very healthy!!! Set temperature: 28-30C (82-86F) I have a breeding cave...
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    Any tips on breeding bolivian blue ram cichlids?

    Today i am gonna get a breeding pair of rams, and would like to know if you have any tips on breeding these fish. Temperature: 25, but will change it to 27 degrees celsius when I can Tank size: 90L (25G) Plants: Anubias and other high ones I don't know the name of Tank mates: 1x zebra danio, 1x...