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    Suction Cup Question

    After keeping me happy for several years, my Eheim spraybar has begun giving me a minor irritation. I have the type with a simple curved hook tube that comes over the top edge of the tank and is then connected to the simple tube spraybar by a short few inches of vinyl tubing. The spraybar is...
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    Bacteria Can Have 2 Types Of Biofilm

    A group put out an interesting report recently that many types of bacteria can individually produce two different types of biofilm. I read this in several places but will put a link in this post. Basically they found that bacteria that do this produce a main biofilm, their predominant one...
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    Fundulus Majalis

    fundulus majalis are one of the killi types in the coastal river areas here in North Carolina where I live. Heard an interesting story on the radio news this morning about killifish (maybe these types(I have no idea of what types of killis might be in NC)) that have adaped to pollution (I think...
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    Day Length

    So I'm feeling trapped in my low-light, liquid Carbon, reduced EI world at the moment: I'm running one photoperiod at about 5 hours and I feel as though increasing the number of hours may bring back some brown algae that I try to keep at bay, but on the other hand I wonder if this short 5-hour...
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    How Do I Find A Co2 Dealer?

    Do any of you have tips for going out there and laying the groundwork for having a good place to get and have your CO2 cylinder refilled with CO2? I feel like I need to figure this out as a kind of baseline thing before I take on the other tasks of researching the best individual parts and...
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    Light Bulbs To Chew On

    Now that lljdma06 has sent you guys out to pasture in the PARC and Dave has got the plants doing the cycling for you I thought it only fitting that I, as "beginner who talks too much" should attempt to pose another truly difficult question to draw the experts out of retirement and probably cause...
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    Hydor Theo 300W Heater Recall

    If you own a Hydor Theo 300W glass tube heater, please see this link that Defiance put in the Tropical Discusson subforum: Link to Post About Hydor Recall ~~waterdrop~~
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    The Disaster In Florida

    There's an article in the NYT today about how the freeze in Florida is having an effect on the tropical fish farms there that feed the US retail tropical fish business. Here's a Link. I don't know if the link will work for everyone (hopefully!) At one time at least it was pretty easy to make a...
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    Beginners Resource Center Missing?

    Is it just me or has the Beginners Resource Center gone missing just at the time of year when the hundreds of post-holiday beginners questions start rolling in? I use IP.Board Pro (import) and haven't checked any other skins, if that's it? WD
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    Cleaning Filter Hoses

    For a long time I've noticed patches of debris splotching up the inside surfaces of the input and output hoses of my external cannister filter. A while back I read an interesting post by one of the experienced members suggesting that the cost of tubing is so small that after a year or two...
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    Final Bubbles After Priming

    (Query to see who does what) When you clean your external cannister filter, do you take any concious steps to minimize air bubbles in that media when the filter is returned to the tank, primed and re-started? After I let my cannister refill from the input tube and prime and restart it, I...
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    New Vision Cell Discovered In Fish

    Scientists have discovered that goldfish and catfish have a fourth and new type of cell that can sense light, different from other species of animals. Here's the article: New Fish Vision Cell Article link from waterdrop. No wonder those catfish are up at night :lol: .
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    Eheim Main O-ring

    How do you remove the main silicone rubber O-Ring that runs all the way around the big square powerhead of an Eheim Pro external cannister filter? Does anyone have any tips/methods that ensure the silicone will not be cut or damaged? I just finished the very satisfying feeling of cleaning my...
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    Root Tablets - Hazy Water?

    OK friends, since at the moment its still my judgement that the wife would throw me out of the house if I came home with a pressurized system, I'm stuck with playing around with things that I'm sure most of you will consider insignificant, sigh, but since I'm still puttering around I've got a...
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    Eheim Pro 2222 Impeller Help

    Its been over a year since I promised myself I was going to try and learn all the in's and out's of my impeller. A couple of the members over in the beginner section have told me you can just pull (against some magnetic force I assume) the entire impeller, metal shaft, 2 endcaps (ceramic?) and...
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    Another Nitrogen Eater

    Was reading this interesting tidbit this morning about some work out of Oregon State Univ. looking at how algae live in symbiotic relationships with coral polyps. The article talks about how the algae do most of the carbon-fixing that the corals need, providing up to 95% of their sugars to the...
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    I'm interested in hearing some discussion of what people happen to know about the whole topic of how some plants grow better "emersed" as opposed to "submerged." Here are some random things I've heard regarding this but I'm not experienced enough to put them in context: 1) Most aquarium plants...
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    Flourite Substrate Too Sharp?

    We have Seachem Flourite Black substrate (for its attributes for plants) in our small (106L/28G) community tank in my son's room. When I first set up this tank (over a year ago) I ended up using rubber kitchen gloves on my hands when rinsing this gravel because it felt sharp edged. I assume...
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    Java Fern Attachment Question

    I've just been given a big bunch of Java Fern (nice for my son's beginner situation) and I floated this huge bunch of plants in the tank for now. I assume it will be ok like this at least for a while, but it got me wondering, does it matter to these plants whether they attach to something like...
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    Help Me Understand Angelfish History

    I would so much appreciate all of your thoughts and bits of insight into how angels have come to be what we see out there today. I don't know the best way to organize my thinking about this. I guess I would like to confirm what species are out there and what might have originally been imported...