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  1. Ryan_F

    Breeding CPD

    Changed my mind for my 9gal, Decided on some CPD, obviously they are a newly discovered fish and I noticed they are quite pricey, if I got 5-6 to start and then bred them, got the numbers up to 10-12 and sold the rest to the pet shops would that be an option? If yes, how do you breed them, do...
  2. Ryan_F

    Stocking for 9 gal

    I have a 9 gal very heavily planted, and I am finally getting to stocking.. only took 6 months, anyway, I don’t want to overstock, but I was thinking about getting fish that max size is close or under an inch, obviously the Endlers, I like green neons but I can’t track them down, panda Cory’s...
  3. Ryan_F

    Will this gap allow enough oxygen into the tank?

    I cut a new piece of glass for my 20gal because I’ve had a fish jump out and have been paranoid ever since. Just wondering will the gap allow enough oxygen into the tank because I don’t want them to suffocate. There is also a small gap near the heater. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ryan_F

    Need advice on water parameters

    This is my second tank which I plan to stock with some sparklers in a few hours time (doesn’t look promising due to these water parameters though) Ammonia is 0 and Nitrite I’m guessing is inbetween .25-.5 I know this is toxic to fish. But I haven’t changed the water for about 3 weeks (fishless...
  5. Ryan_F

    What to do?!

    As said already I have a lot of snails. I’m assuming there is definitely ramshorns and “Bladder snails” how can I tell if these little guys are carrying parasites? I would meditate it but without proper reason, and that it would probably kill them I haven’t yet. I was hoping to add fish like...
  6. Ryan_F

    Why is my Anubias dying?

    I’ve had this plant for a few weeks now. And it’s started to get these black spots with yellow around them. Any ideas on what I can do? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ryan_F

    What are these?

    I was just about to add some established media to my second tank when I saw these. There are brown worms, guessing that’s the ones that live in the substrate. But then I noticed these little snails I geuss.. I must have got them of a bloke I bought some Japanese cress off. Would sparklers eat...
  8. Ryan_F

    Finished planting my second tank!

    Hi all! I just finished planting my second tank! It’s only small, 30L but I really like the rock with the Anubius on it. Can someone identify the Purpley/Green plant behind it? What are you thoughts on this tank? I love it personally! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ryan_F

    Quick Question on sparkling Gouramis.

    I picked up a 30L tank about two weeks ago I was thinking of adding some Sparkling Gourami to it, and possibly something else? Any suggestions on what could go with them? Also how do you tell the sex of the sparklers? I’ve got 5 plants as well as duckweed, Japanese Cress and Frogbit, planning on...
  10. Ryan_F

    Sick cherry barb ?

    Had her for over a year, struggling to swim, she has her head pointing vertically. Parameters are good, all other fish are fine. What should I do? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ryan_F

    Sick or Injured Cherry Barb?

    This little girl I’ve had for just over a year. She’s been fine up until about 2 hours ago. Looks like she’s struggling to swim around? Overfeeding or internal parasites? I’ll send a video if I can, not sure how. I’ll add photos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Ryan_F

    2 Gallon Stocking idea.

    Hey everyone. I know that no fish should be kept in a 2 gal. But I’m planning to get this looking really nice I was thinking of putting a few fish in the 2gal, and then If a fish gets sick from my 20gal could just swap them over. I can’t bare to have a empty tank sitting in my room. PH is 7.2...
  13. Ryan_F

    German Blue Ram, sick or Injured

    Alright, I don’t think this is related to my harlequin rasbora dying the other day, I’ve kept up water changes, daily, but this guy, probably for the last 2 days? Has had this cut just behind his eye, he was the boss of the tank, for probably, 6 months? Now he definitely isn’t the boss and gets...
  14. Ryan_F

    Black spot on abdomen of Harlequin rasbora

    Alright, last night, I would have taken a photo but it was like 3 am, I noticed one of my harlequin rasboras has a black spot on its abdomen kinda? It wasn’t a poop, it was ahead of the poop shoot, but it looked like this black spot maybe a cm or two ahead of the poop shoot, I thought it would...
  15. Ryan_F

    Rate my tank

    Hey guys, I just added some new plants and gravel, also have a background to add, what do you think of my tank? Advice would be greatly appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Ryan_F

    What are these white dots on my driftwood?

    Soooo. Woke up and saw these small white dots on my driftwood. The woods like 6 or 7 months old, are these eggs or some type of algae. And yes. My ram is photobombing [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Ryan_F

    Are RCS,YCS or GC compatible with BWT?

    To finish of my 65 I wanted to get some Shrimp, I was reading people’s balck widows were eating their shrimp though. I was planning on getting like 7 and 7 mabye? Would the Black Widow Tetras/ Corydoras eat them? The shrimp will be around 1.5cm and my black widows are just over an inch. Cory’s...
  18. Ryan_F

    Stocking Ideas for 130L or 182L

    Hello again all, I am planning on getting a new fish tank for Christmas. I’m excited already but wasn’t really sure what to stock it with. I feel I’ve managed my 65L and a very small probably 20L if I was lucky, I feel like I could have to more “Advanced” fish now that I don’t feel like I’m a...
  19. Ryan_F

    Pregnant Black Widow Tetra???

    Hello all, I’ve been noticing the last few days that my male black widow tetra has been chasing around both my females, they both look like they have rounded tummy’s but I assumed that was normal because they are female, but this one is either very fat or loaded with eggs, she is eating and is...