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    What's best soil substrate?

    Hi can anyone tell me what is the rolls Royce of soil substrate? Also if plants are not doing great in a gravel substrate can they come good if I replant them in the soil or will I need to get new plants? I have african sowrds and anubis. Anubis are doing OK but the African sowrds have got very...
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    What up with plants?

    Hi my plants seem to be growing well but also they are turning colour. What's going on?
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    Siamese algae eater eating but swimming strangely

    Hi siamese algae eater eating food but swimming like a torpedo then sinking like he can't take his own weight. Colour looks fine and no visible wounds. Is everything OK?
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    What is dark markings on plants?

    Hi all. My plants have dark marks on them. There is no furr or fuzz like an algae what is this?
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    Gravel substrate or soil?

    I have a tank with sweet pea substrate. I am thinking of changing to tropica soil to benifit the plants. Does the soil look as good as the sweet pea?
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    How much tropica soil do I need.

    Hi I am considering transferring from gravel to soil and I was just wondering how many litres I need for a 2.5 foot by 1 foot tank?
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    What's wrong?

    Hi what's wrong with plant and is there any way of recovery?
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    Led light sunrise sunset settings help

    Hi all. Just got myself the fluval aquasky. Led light and my question is what is the best sunrise daylight and sunset setting please.
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    What's up with plant?

    Hi can someone tell me what's up with the plant? Been like this for months. Not getting any better or worse. What Is the round circle Mark in the middle?
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    water change while on holiday?

    hi I will be away for three weeks, my parents will stay at the house and will look after the fish. I do my water change every week usually when I do it I see one maybe two spots of algae I usually wipe it with a sponge. if I leave the water change for three weeks could this one or two spots end...
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    Plants and air stone.

    I have an Air stone at the back of the tank and I have some plants with the bubbles travelling right through the plants. maybe this sounds silly but can it be bad for the plants?
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    WhatWhen plant reaches surface of water?

    My enchinodorus are just about to reach surface of the aqurium. Will they continue growing? When they reach the top Is there anything I should be doing?
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    Is this an algae?

    What is this black stuffgrowing on my stone? I take it it's a form of algae. My tank has been algae free for about a year now. Is this one of the more serious ones?
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    Air stone tube slight corrosion

    Hi I hope i am posting In the right section. I put an Air stone in my tank one week ago and I have noticed the tubing inside the tank is corroding slightly. Is this going to be harmful to the fish?
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    Will air stone irratate fish at night?

    I have just put an air stone in the back of my tank. It takes up just under half the back of tank. Will this annoy fish at night and if so should I turn of at night?
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    Surface movement and oxegen

    Does surface movement from the pump even the slightest give the tank enough oxegen In the water?
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    Co2 to help algae?

    Hi does co2 help prevent algae? How do you know if you need to add it or not?
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    Plant advice

    Hi can anyone give me advice on my plants? What do I need to do to give my plants a boost? Or are they ok and just taking there course. Hope the photo is ok.
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    Name and care of plant?

    Hi can someone tell me the name of this plant, also how to take care of it? It's in tank 6 months and it's not growing. I don't think it's dead but it does not look the healthiest. I put premium life plant care in when I do the water change.
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    Plant care question.

    Hi i am about to do my weekly water change and i noticed one of my plants (sorry i dont know the name) has grown and reached the water level at top and the leaves are turning slightly do i need to do anything about this or just leave it? I have had the plants in tank about 6 months before that...