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  1. chigwellhammer

    Help needed

    ive lost 3 fish and look like another one on the way out in 24 hours. 2 platys 2 corys Ammonia and Nitrite both reading 0ppm Nitrate probably just over 80ppm so I have just done a large water change. Any ideas???
  2. chigwellhammer

    New light wanted

    I would like to purchase a new bulb for my Fluval 125l, Something that will benefit my plants. Currently i have GLO Power-Glo 24''/81cm 20W T8 Can anyone recommend anything?
  3. chigwellhammer


    I’m about to do an online order of plants and just want to confirm these will all be good beginner plants? I have just sand in my tank. - Vallis Torta - Amazon Sword - Hygrophila Polysperma - Sagittaria Subulata Thanks,
  4. chigwellhammer

    Let the cycle begin...

    Morning All, Yesterday i cleaned my sand and filled up my tank, Added 5ml of prime and sprinkled in a pinch of fish food. I have added more food this morning 12 hours after the first dose. I do have a bottle of ammonia coming tomorrow or Wednesday so the fish food was just to get it going...
  5. chigwellhammer

    Quiet internal filters

    Any suggestions for an internal filter that is quite quiet? It’s for a 120l tank. I have had my eyes on the Eheim pickup 160 if anyone can review this? Thanks,
  6. chigwellhammer

    120l - Cichlids

    Hello, I kept a mixed community tank roughly 6 years ago but packed it in when my little one was born, Cut the story short i’m looking to get back into it. I’ve got my eyes on a Fluval 120l - Dimensions 50 x 80 x 35cm The fish I’m quite keen in stocking are cichlids, Now i understand there...
  7. chigwellhammer

    Bearded Dragon!

    Do any of you keep these? I'm thinking of maybe getting one this year some time. Couple friends have them and they seem quite interesting to keep
  8. chigwellhammer

    Chigs Tank

    Hello last few weeks I've stocked up on new fish and bought new plants today. Thought i would share couple photos! My tank is no way as good as most of yours though lol I have 3 Gouramis 5 guppys 4 swords 2 mollys ( and 1 baby which is in the trap ) I will try take few better ones...
  9. chigwellhammer

    Pregnant Guppy

    I posted this 1 week ago and she seems to exploded in that time lol! Last week Now Any idea roughly how long? Would love to try save a couple fry before they are dinner
  10. chigwellhammer

    Eheim 2010 Filter Help

    Ive just got this filter and i have no idea how it works the instructions are uselss!!! Ive plugged it in stuck it in the tank and thats that lol? Anyone with this filtet have any idea??
  11. chigwellhammer

    What Baby Is This?

    Just come home and found a baby swimming in my tank! I have black mollies, black swords and guppys in the tank? Anyone got any idea what this is I need to work out who this lil baby come from and is it new? Or have the rest been eaten. Thank for help!
  12. chigwellhammer

    Battery Vacuum

    Quick question, Does anyone own one of these battery gravel vacuum? Does it work well and get the dirt out the gravel? Thanks :)
  13. chigwellhammer

    Guppy Pregnant?

    What we reckon about this lil one then? Hope its a good enough photo
  14. chigwellhammer

    Testing Ammonia Help

    Just tested my ammonia and its 0.25ppm What should i do?
  15. chigwellhammer

    Internal Filter

    I would like to invest in a new filter for my tank it is almost 100 litres. £20 max and if possible no spray bar! Tell me some good ones please Cheers
  16. chigwellhammer

    Got Given This

    Nothing special bit i got given this and not quite sure what to do with it! I have gravel in my tank
  17. chigwellhammer

    Advice & Help Please

    Just got back from lfs with a new gourami anyway added it to my tank and my gold Gourami keeps going for it, chasing it all round the tank Gold Gourami New guy What should i do??
  18. chigwellhammer

    Some Advice On What To Add Please

    Currently in my tank i have... 2 Gouramis 6 guppys 2 mollies 1 sword tail ( he was a fry i got given only one that lived and grew up big ) Any ideas what i could add? Thank you
  19. chigwellhammer

    Dave & Del Boy

    I got these two yesterday :) they seem to be doing well
  20. chigwellhammer

    Vine Root Help

    Soaked it for 24hrs and it floats... Any ideas to pin it down??? Cheers