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  1. phishyphil

    The Virgin Salty Set Up

    So finally, after months of deliberation and should I, shouldn't I moments, I have finally taken the plunge into the saltier side of fish keeping, and needles to say, I am Bricking it in terms of something going disastrously wrong!   BACKGROUND   Having been around the forum for a couple of...
  2. phishyphil

    Stocking Suggestions For 25 G

    Please could people suggest a stocking options for my new 3 foot 25 gallon tank (Fowlr set up)   Kind Regards    
  3. phishyphil

    Which Sand To Use?

    Which sand would people recommend for use in a SW aquarium?   Grain size? Colour? Brand?   Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)
  4. phishyphil

    External Filter Use In A Saltwater Aquarium?

    Hi there   So after 3 years in the Fresh water world, I am converting one of my tanks into a small FOWLR set up. ( 60 litre Small)   I know all the usually "the smaller the tank, the harder the maintenance" . However due to their being a new baby on the way, and the conditions of our lease...
  5. phishyphil

    New To Pond Fish - Help Me Decide, And A Discovery :)

    Hi there   Well, Ive been around the tropical scene for several years now and always wanted to go cold water, however just never had the room. Now however I have just moved into our new home and to my delight, there is a pond already installed, with pump and filter box there.   Now the previous...
  6. phishyphil

    Ich Treatment Advice

    Okay so my tank has had an outburst if ICH and I have read you must treat the whole tank! Questions though 1) I read that once you see the white spots, it is already to late. Is this true? if so, do I need to euthanize these affected fish? 2) Treating the whole tank, is that a must with ICH? I...
  7. phishyphil

    Ro Unit. Can You Recommend A Good One?

    Okay so seeing as my planned SW tank is going to be a 75G, i think Its going to be more effective to create my own RO water. Can anyone recommend a Cheap and effective RO unit? Thanks in advance PC
  8. phishyphil

    Tropical Convert To Marine. Lots Of Questions :/

    Okay so I have been keeping FW fish, planted tanks + cichlids for the past 3 years and always wanted to try my hand at a SW setup. After gaining a fair amount of experience with various tanks, I now find myself once again in the vast dessert of information in regards to SW, and I am not afraid...
  9. phishyphil

    Amount Of T5 Lighting For 15 Gallon

    Plan Will be creating my own T5 lighting hood and unit, however as I am a total Noob to all things of electrical nature and lighting especially, I am in need of some advice. Now I now this whole WPG rule is outdated and other factors determine successfull plant growth and inhibit algae. My...
  10. phishyphil

    Purigen - How Much Is Needed?

    Purigen Right, I am going to try out Seachem's Purigen filter media. Question is, How much is needed to fill 1/2 to 3/4 of a Tetratec EX1200 Basket? I will be running the bottom of the tray in purigen, and the top part of the tray with a course sponge Thanks in advance PC
  11. phishyphil

    Critique My Aquascape Please :-)

    Here it is (Journal link at the bottom) Tank is : 330 Litre Pressurised co2 13x Turnover Dirt substrate --> Tropica Nutrition + --> Capped with black gravel 3x39w Lighting T5 (6500k and 8000k)
  12. phishyphil

    Eco Complete Vs Fluorite Vs Ada Amazonia

    Okay So which one is King? I am intending to create and Iwagumi Style Aquascape and want a nutrient rich plant substrate to plant HC, Blyx and Staurogyne Repens. The Tank will be 60 Litres 24" x 18"x12" Pressurrised CO2 Daily Ferts Dosed Which one should I use? Eco Complete? £24.99...
  13. phishyphil

    5 New Plants. Id Please

    5 New Plants to Identify. Please Take a look and shed some light on these My Thoughts : 1 - ? 2 - Cabomba furcata ? Looks like cabomb cabomba caroliniana, just red 3 - ? 4 - ? 5 - Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig' ?(Sunset Hygrophila) ?? Number 1) Number 2) Number 3) Number 4)...
  14. phishyphil

    Water Changes On Large Aquariums?

    Okay, so after moving over to the high tech side of things, water changes are required more frequently and of greater volume (Oh the joys of fish keeping) Seeing as I will be dosing close to EI on ferts, I will be required to remove 50% weekly water changes, now this will be over 150 litres on...
  15. phishyphil

    Diy Ferts Solution

    Looking at creating this an dosing daily. This is not my recipe, it is from an external source. RECIPE : Based On Tropica's Plant Nutrition + So Here is the formula: 10g Potassium Nitrate 2.3g Monopotassium Phosphate 4.0g Potassium Sulphate 8.0g Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate (Epsom...
  16. phishyphil

    How Many Bubbles P/s On This Setup

    Okay so just set up my new scape and gone high tech with it. Question is , how many bubbles per second for this Tank as follows 330 litre 3x39w T5 13x turnover . Thanks people
  17. phishyphil

    Water Chemistry Advice

    Okay. So as I am about to tear down the 75 gallon tank and go with a dirt substrate, I though it best to recheck all my current water stats, as I know the soil substrate will lower my ph Here are the results Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 :) On a Roll i thought I would go onto to...
  18. phishyphil

    Wanted : Cryptocorene Wendtii Brown

    Item Wanted: Cryptocorene Wendtii Brown Quantity: As much as Possible Price: Negotiable (incl. Postage) Area: Lancashire Please :-)
  19. phishyphil

    Wanted : Eleocharis Parvula

    Item Wanted: Eleocharis Parvula (Hairgrass) Quantity: As much as Possible Price: Negotiable (incl. Postage) Area: Lancashire Looking for some Hairgrass for the new scape pretty please :)
  20. phishyphil

    Wanted : Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba (hc)

    Item Wanted: Hemianthus callitrichoides cuba Quantity: As much as Possible Price: Negotiable (incl. Postage) Area: Lancashire Looking for some HC to start a carpet off. Anyone have any available? :lol: