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  1. Miss Wiggle

    Bloated Rasbora - Possible Dropsy?

    we've just stocked our tank after a full fishless cycle, current stats; pH - 7.2 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10ppm tanks around 60 gals, filter providing 10 x tank turnover, moderately planted, current stocking; 15 x copper harlequin rasboras 15 x celebes rainbows 15 x sterbai corydoras...
  2. Miss Wiggle

    Apistogramma Viejita

    hi everyone, we're in our qualifying week of a fishless cycle so just about ready to stock the tank. i want some apisto's of some description although not completely set on any one species, our LFS has some in advertised as apistogramma viejita however when i look on the internet for pictures...
  3. Miss Wiggle

    Celebes Or Forktail Rainbow?

    we're in the final stages of fishless cycling our tank which is around 60 gals. our LFS has some nice celebes rainbows and forktail rainbows in and we're having a hard time choosing which one we prefer so looking for anyone with experience of either species who can give any advice that might...
  4. Miss Wiggle

    Liquid Carbon Supplements

    hi guys, just wondering what dosing regime people recommend for the liquid carbon supplements such as flourish excel?
  5. Miss Wiggle

    A Theory - Quick Fishless Cycle

    Hi everyone, we're currently fishless cycling and it's going unusually quickly and smoothly despite not seeding the tank or doing anything unusual. not that I'm not pleased it's going quickly however I'd like to understand if there is a reason behind this. the only thing i can think of that's...
  6. Miss Wiggle

    Hi Everyone

    hi guys, some familiar faces around here, for those of you that don't know me i used to be round on this forum a couple of years back but have had some time out. just popped in to say hi and see how you are all doing? :D
  7. Miss Wiggle

    My First Fishless Cycle

    hey guys, anyone remember me? not been around for a while and been out of the hobby as well as the forum, life went a little crazy but is somewhere near back on track now (finds some wood to touch!). for those that remember me you might like to know Ian and I got married this summer which was...
  8. Miss Wiggle

    Nannacara Anomala

    Item wanted: nannacara anomala, preferably 1 male and 4 females but similar ratio's considered. Adults or juvi's so long as they are big enough to go into a community tank. Location: leeds will trave anywhere in yorkshire, or will pay postage Any price considered! Think that's everythung I...
  9. Miss Wiggle

    Persistent Pop Eye

    one of our nannacara anomala has had pop eye for about a week now, we've been treating with Myaxin, course is now nearly done but no improvement. tank is 60 gals, we had a nightmare a few months ago when the heater plug got knocked, temp dropped and we lost about half the stock, not re stocked...
  10. Miss Wiggle

    10 Gal Tank - What Would You Do?

    well we've now moved back into our house after all the building work and I've managed to persuade my lovely fiance to let me set up my little 10 gal tank again... not for a little while, we need to get the house re-organised, but in the next month or so. just starting to pull together ideas for...
  11. Miss Wiggle

    So Who'se Getting Up At 5am For The Gp Over The Weekend?

    I am soooo excited!!! :D Really chuffed that Brawn GP are blitzing everyone in testing, be so nice for everyone there after a few tough years as Honda struggled and then the uncertainty over the winter. obviously a bit gutted that McLaren seem to be underperforming but that's sport for you!
  12. Miss Wiggle

    Spam Pm

    had some spam on a pm, would liek to forward it onto a mod to be dealt with, just let me know who you want me to send it to please. also i think it would be useful to have a report button on the pm's or on the member profile rather than just on the threads so you can report someone without it...
  13. Miss Wiggle

    Big News

    not fish related so i know i shouldn't be posting this here, but just couldn't resist telling you guys. my lovely other half took me for a day out yesterday and asked me to marry him, so I am now soon to be Mrs Wiggle :lol: got a beautiful sparkly engagement ring and I'm on top of the world...
  14. Miss Wiggle

    Beginners Resource Centre

    OK Rdd's been talking about amending the layout of the pins and the BRC, got a bit of time to kill so here's what I'd suggest as a layout for the BRC just leaving the fishless cycling and signature topics pinned. We all talked about doing some more advanced articles with some enthusiasm but it...
  15. Miss Wiggle

    Psychadelic Frogfish Discovered how cool is this guy!
  16. Miss Wiggle

    Pinned Topic About Moving House With Fish

    as above, i'm sure we had a pinned of FAQ topic about moving house with fish but i'm buggered if i can find it, anyone shed any light on it?
  17. Miss Wiggle

    Mods Please Look At This Topic

    self explanatory from link;#entry2272585
  18. Miss Wiggle

    Healthy Eating - Metabolism Change

    trying to change my eating habits, get a bit healthier, would like to loose some weight but this is secondary to being healthier. it's slightly difficult as for long and complicated reasons we're currently living with my parents in law so I have little to no control over what food is kept in...
  19. Miss Wiggle


    OK bear with me, I'm sure this stuff is dead simplistic for you guys, but I'd like to develop my technical/scientific knowledge a bit. I'm trying to understand nitrogen a bit better. Nitrite and nitrate are both forms of nitrogen aren't they? Is ammonia a form of nitrogen as well? Whats...
  20. Miss Wiggle

    Fishless Cycling - In Depth

    we've been having a bit of a discussion in the new to the hobby forum over the last week or so about expanding our knowledge base in the cycling resource centre on fishless cycling. we've got a good basic pin which covers everything that needs to be said but is concise enough not to confuse...