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  1. Tropical_Dave

    Switching To External Filter

    so ive already got a tank up and running for a while, fully cycled etc, but im stepping up the filtration from an internal fluval u2 to an external fluval 304. i was going to set up the 304 and have it running along side the u2 but im wondering how long would be a safe bet, i dont want to take...
  2. Tropical_Dave

    Pundamilia/ruti Island Cichlid Fry

    thanks, i think i'll introduce it slowly, a tiny bit of the high protein stuff every few days and see how they do then steadily increase how much/how often igive it to them, without over feeding of course. thanks again for your help.
  3. Tropical_Dave

    Pundamilia/ruti Island Cichlid Fry

    hello everybody, ive just bought some pundamilia fry which i am going to feed them cichlid veggie flakes that i give to my yellow labs. i was wondering though if i could also feed them high protein fish food? i know i cant give it to my labs as they would probably get bloat but i have always fed...
  4. Tropical_Dave

    April 2014 - Fish Of The Month Comp Entries

    here is one (of many) of my jewel cichlid fry :) this little one is getting some red colouring come through on her fins :)
  5. Tropical_Dave

    'posting' Live Fish

    so at this moment im not planning on sending any fish through the post or courier etc, but someone has asked me if i am going to be selling any of my jewel cichlid fry and that they would be willing to pay for the postage etc. i know that fish stores get their stock through couriers etc but how...
  6. Tropical_Dave

    Jewel Cichlid Acting Very Strange

    yeah my lfs said they would have some when they are big enough, but someone just gave them some adult jewels 2 weeks ago, different variety to mine, either way they dont have any space as of yet, but there are a few other stores not far away that said they maybe able to take some in :)
  7. Tropical_Dave

    Jewel Cichlid Acting Very Strange

    so its been a couple of days now, he's still hiding but he does pop out more and more, water is getting better, nitrites are nearly 0, i have reduced feeding the fry and all is going good so far :)
  8. Tropical_Dave

    Jewel Cichlid Acting Very Strange

    yeah ive been looking for people who want some fry, hopefully not to use as food as ive heard people like to do that :( he's still hiding behind the filter, i think i saw him poke out a little earlier but not much. ive just done another test and the results are better but still need to improve...
  9. Tropical_Dave

    Jewel Cichlid Acting Very Strange

    sorry it took so long to reply, so i tested the water and this is what i got: ammonia - 0ppm nitrite - 0.05ppm nitrate - 10ppm ph - 7.5-8   i noticed the nitrites were a bit high so i did a 50% water change.   its like the male got spooked by something, he's been hiding behind the filter all...
  10. Tropical_Dave

    Jewel Cichlid Acting Very Strange

    hi everyone, i have a breeding pair of adult jewels, along with about 100 fry. couple of weeks ago i put them in a new 25g tank. they have been doing ok in there, got a little stressed and lossed their colour but it has been coming back and they have been coming out of hiding more and more. but...
  11. Tropical_Dave

    March 2014 - Fish Of The Month Comp Entries

    here's my first ever entry into the comp, my German Blue Ram, Gordon, named after Gordon RAMsey.... haha  
  12. Tropical_Dave

    My New 200L Tank Log

    ah ok, have you done a journal for your salty tank?
  13. Tropical_Dave

    180L Planted Tank

    thats an awesome tank! :)
  14. Tropical_Dave

    Dad's Pond

    thats cool! id love to have my own pond, i love to fish lol what kind of fish did you catch?
  15. Tropical_Dave

    Iiriva's Fish And Tank Videos

    just watched your vid with the fire eel, looks awesome! and what are the other fish in the tank with it?
  16. Tropical_Dave

    Miracle Beam Aquarium Laser!

    im sold, order me 10! lol
  17. Tropical_Dave

    Meet Bred!

    beautiful betta :)
  18. Tropical_Dave

    My Tank-Within-A-Tank Betta Project

    thats a great idea for the betta :) its giving me a few ideas already :)
  19. Tropical_Dave

    Active Members On The Darkside?

    haha 'Salty_Dave' yeah im sure i'll have plenty more tanks in the future :)
  20. Tropical_Dave

    Which Fish?

    id be carefull with cichlids, they are aggressive fish, i have 2 jewels that i keep in their own tank as they will kill anything. i also had a parrot fish that i had to get rid of as he was getting to aggressive and killing my other fish :( if you want cichlids id suggest alot of research on...