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    How Much Light Do I Need?

    HEy guys, Setting up a new tank, odd shaped a bit.. but it's about 21 gallons. Looking at a Hagen Glo lighting fixture which is 2x24 watts.. So i'm a bit over 2.1 wpg. What i'm looking to grow is Dwarf hairgrass and HC. I'm going to be injecting co2 and adding my fertz.. do you think i'll be...
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    Low Tech Planted Tank With Blyxa Japonica?

    Hey all, Just wondering here, i am doing a shrimp tank, it's a low tech low light tank. The tanks about 21 gallons (custom rimless) and i wanna do a piece a driftwood with blyxa japonica everywhere on the substrate... kinda like a grassy feel... but wondering if my light amount will keep it...
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    Nicklfire Rimless Shrimp Tank

    Alright boys and girls this is the moment i been waiting for.. for about 3 months.. and have been thinking of doing for the last.. year. Finally i rounded up some money and got my 23 gallon HAGEN RIMLESS tank... WOOT WOOT, I also got a new stand to fit it from big als (i'd like to thank...
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    Jebo Lights?

    hey guys, anyone have experience with JEBO lighting, i've seen tons on ebay, for a reasonable price. i'm starting a 21 gallon shrimp tank, low tech, low light.. so i'm just going to be running 1 of the 36w bulbs they have in there.. so i'll have around 1.5 or so wpg... They are relatively...
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    Show Your Rimless Tanks

    Hey guys, i'm setting up a 21 gallon shrimp tank, rimless and i wanna see all your rimless tank pictures, how you have it all setup :)
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    Eheim 2026 Hose Sizes?

    I wanted to go after work and just get some generic clear hosting from the hardware store and needed to know the size, but everywhere i look it's all different sizes... Some even say 12/16 Size.... Basically i got a new stand and wanna plumb all my stuff like my Filter and uv sterilizer and my...
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    Lighting Question.....

    Hey guys, Well currently i use a 2x65 coralife 6700 lighting fixture.. works good Thinking about making my own tho.. for a diff tank... If i went to the local hardware store, and picked up a ballast and reflector and all that jaz... and those florescent tubes.. the daylight.. 6500K 40w...
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    Beard Algae

    Ok i'm frustrated, been battling this stuff for about 2 months pretty harsh, took over my var nana plant and my dwarf hairgrass looks like crap, and the stuff constantly spreads all over my flora base. Now this beard algae is a co2 deficientcy problem.. understandable.. so i cranked up my tank...
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    Rimless Shrimp Tank

    Ok so i'm thinking of doing a rimless planted shrimp tank, consisting of cherry shrimps. Startout with about 10 of these guys, currently got about 5 in my 55 gallon tank and i like them. Anyways.... Going to do a rimless Tank.. it's about 25 gallons, kinda.. rectangular similar to this: And...
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    New Eheim Electronically Controlled Filter!

    Pretty crazy how our hobby is advancing so much: take a look at the video of the new eheim filter.
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    Cherry Shrimp With Trace?

    Hey guys, I recently got into some red cherry shrimp and wondering if the amount of copper in the trace elements for my ei dosing will affect the shrimp. I know they are very sensative to copper and was looking at the contents of my trace and it had about .00005 % copper... in reality that's...
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    Pet Cat Wreaking Aquarium

    Alright at the frustrated point that i'm actually posting about this looking for other help lol. I setup my aquarium in my new place, didnt think about it at the time but it's just on the other side of a kitchen counter, and my cat jumps up on the counter, onto the top of the aquarium and picks...
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    Dead Spots, Water Circulation

    Hey there guys, After redoing my tank and redoing the design and stuff i started to think about water circulation in my tank. I currently have my co2 mister on one side of the tank and it seems that plants pearl on that side only (probably cause co2 dosnt get to the other side of the tank) So...
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    My New Aquascape

    Hey guys, thought i'd let ya see my new aquascape. Just found some dwarf hairgrass i been searching for forever and got home and ripped my tank down to nothing and replanted everything and got it kinda more organized and more of a theme. I like it at this point over my last design so far, it'll...
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    New Fish Aquarium Directory

    Hey all, Just thought i would pass on the word of a new open directory free to use by all people who have fish websites. Probably the hardest part about making a website is marketing it and getting good links on other sites. Well i've created a websitecalled fish aquarium directory. Basically...
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    Looking For Dwarf Hairgrass In Canada

    Hey all, i been looking for some dwarf hairgrass just like george has in his tank, believe it or not this stuff is almost impossiable to find in canada... i live in British columbia and have been searching for months now. IF any members here live in canada would be able to ship me some i'll...
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    Correct 4dkh Solutino Receipe?

    i'v seen so many different ways to make this stuff, does anyone have a good method to make 4dkh solutino?
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    Elocharis Acicularis Dwarf Hairgrass

    i been looking for a good carpet plant for a while always interested in dwarf hairgrass... Is Elocharis acicularis the specie that george uses on his nano one... i want a dwarf hairgrass that speads nicely and only gets to a certain hight... around 2.5 - 3 inches? any recommendations
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    sup all, Well many of you know me, many of you have answered my questions i'v asked over the years, or i'v been knowledgeable to answer your questions. I'v always liked forums dedicated to the hobby i'v spent alot of time on and alot of money haha. Months ago i had a thought of a forum but...
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    Need High Quality Algae Pictures

    hey guys, i'm working on a website and i need some high quality photo's of every kind of algae in a aquarium, here's what i need so far.. if you know i'm missing any please let me know Please supply the following high quality algae pictures, the point of this is i want original photos on my...