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  1. Zoe Horsfield

    Black mass?

    Hi does anyone know what this black mass on my fish is? Is it a collection of poop? I don’t know whether it’s a girl or a boy, could it be eggs :look: i usually feed fish flakes with every now again blood worms or brine shrimp and some peas (as I was told this would help give a balanced diet)...
  2. Zoe Horsfield

    Compatibility chart

    So I found this on eBay, when I was browsing fish, what do you guys think is this correct? If it is I’m going to keep it on hand as I think it’s quite informative for stocking fresh water tanks :)
  3. Zoe Horsfield

    Just tested my water

    Hi guys just tested my fresh cold water aquarium which currently only has 1 goldfish in do you guys think these numbers are okay?
  4. Zoe Horsfield

    Amano shrimp

    Hi guys, I have two amano shrimp and have watched a video saying you can tell the sex if they have dots on the side (male) or dashes on their side (female) is this true? And what do you think my two are? Thanks in advance
  5. Zoe Horsfield

    Funfair goldfish

    Hi guys, So this is my first post here - so I have a 25L tank, not very big we are in the process of finding and moving to a new house but the goal is to get a tank 100L + my daughter won a goldfish at the funfair a few months ago and he was brought home in a tank that he couldn’t even swim side...